December 03, 2012

College Coach Rick Majerus Dies: St Louis University basketball coach Rick Majerus died Saturday while awaiting a heart transplant. He was 64. Majerus was 517-216 in his 25-year career coaching Marquette, Ball State, Utah and St. Louis and took Utah to the 1998 NCAA tournament final, which Kentucky won 78-69. Majerus played freshman basketball at Marquette but couldn't make Al McGuire's varsity roster, but he went on to serve as his assistant for 12 seasons. He was known for being a great quote, such as when asked about becoming coach at Notre Dame: "I don't wear socks. ... I think those guys have socks with all kinds of logos on them. I think everybody at Notre Dame has a tie rack in their wardrobe, and I don't even have a tie in my wardrobe."

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Great tribute from Gene Wojciechowski.

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