November 02, 2012

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Bob Ryan Breaks DOWN 1972 NBA Draft and, less impressively perhaps, Kornheiser Breaks DOWN 1973 NBA Draft.

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On Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs

posted by kokaku at 03:42 PM on November 02, 2012

The NHL has canceled the Winter Classic.

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It looks like the NYC marathon won't be ran this weekend.

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tommy: What was the link? It's dead now.

posted by grum@work at 12:05 PM on November 03, 2012

It was advertising San Francisco as the World Series Champs, but with Detroit Tigers mugs, hats, etc.

posted by tommybiden at 12:59 PM on November 03, 2012

On Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs

Why should Jacobs give a crap about NHL hockey? He owns TD Garden, the Celtics have 41 regular season, 2 preseason, and who knows how many playoff games scheduled there. He has the Hockey East playoffs and 2 usually sold-out nights of the Beanpot Tournament to boost the concession sales. Add the ice shows, concerts, and the circus, and Jacobs is not hurting. I would bet that the other team owners who also own their arenas are in the same boat luxury yacht. The "weak sisters" of the NHL, that is those who are in poor markets with the resultant attendance problems, need to be moved or eliminated. It has long been my opinion that the NHL should be no larger than 24 teams, and perhaps smaller than that. Once the league has gotten the size and location situation rectified, then a standard player agreement with a better deal for the players could be implemented. Right now there are too many owners crying "poverty", and too many of the well-off using the plight of the unprofitable to gouge even more out of the players.

I am usually on the side of ownership in such labor disputes, feeling that too many of the players are making too much money. The NHL has worn out their act, and I can no longer support the owners. They are the ones who offer the huge contracts and are thus forced to populate the rest of their teams with low wage role players. Perhaps some sort of wage equity between the highest and lowest salaries - forced maximum and minimum salaries - would help the situation, but would the players go for that? That would be the test of a union when the high-paid are called upon to support the lower paid. When a government does it by taxation and redistribution, it's called socialism, but if you want to have a union acting as your agent, you might just have to accept it. In the mean time, the owners should bite the bullet, give the players more than they are offering, and use the time this will buy them to effect true reform of the league structure.

posted by Howard_T at 02:56 PM on November 03, 2012

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