August 28, 2012

CFL Pick 'Em, Week 10: Here we are at the official halfway point of the season for all those people who prefer to round up. That's right, it's the Labour Day Classic! Stock up on your extra U's and make your picks inside.

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Tight games all around: Montreal edges Hamilton by a safety. B.C. hangs on over Winnipeg by a field goal. Calgary gets it done by a touchdown. Only Edmonton wins by two scores with a nine-point win in Toronto.

ResultMontreal by 2B.C. by 3Calgary by 7Edmonton by 9
Margin of Error1 to 32 to 45 to 96 to 12

Four points from bender and three from apoch mean that we're back to a three-way tie for first.

SpoFiteHAM @ MTLSBC @ WPGSCGY @ SSKSEDM @ TORSPointsTotal Points
apochMontreal Edmonton8327
benderMontreal B.C.4Calgary 427
tommytrumpMontreal B.C. 227
JPRMontreal B.C. Calgary 324
andiemgarciaMontreal B.C. Calgary 322
Howard_T B.C. Calgary Edmonton8422
DrJohnEvansMontreal B.C. Calgary8Edmonton7621
ReeverMontreal3B.C. 321
MrFrisbyMontreal B.C. 220
Ying Yang MafiaMontreal B.C. 220
argoalMontreal B.C. Calgary 316

Here we are at the Labour Day Classic once again! Get out your coveralls and put down your hammers.


B.C. @ Montreal (Friday, August 31)
It only took ten weeks, but we finally have a tilt between division leaders which looks like the real deal. Montreal puts their 3-game winning streak up against B.C.'s 4-gamer.

Winnipeg @ Saskatchewan (Sunday, September 2)
Annnnd we have a true battle of the basement. Saskatchewan's free fall continues with five straight losses. Are even the Blue Bombers licking their chops?

Toronto @ Hamilton (Monday, September 3)
The mushy middle gets to fight it out in the last LDC from old Ivor Wynne. Sentiment will carry the day, which is good because these two offences sure won't.

Edmonton @ Calgary (Monday, September 3)
These two teams are also playing.

Good luck!

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British Columbia by 15

Saskatchewan by 5

Toronto by 6

Edmonton by 5

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Montreal by 16
Winnipeg by 3
Toronto by 7
Calgary by 9

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 07:05 PM on August 28, 2012

B.C. by 8
Saskatchewan by 10
Hamilton by 15
Calgary by 2

posted by bender at 07:21 PM on August 28, 2012

BC by 4
Winnipeg by 5
Hamilton by 10
Edmonton by 7

posted by apoch at 07:28 PM on August 28, 2012

Montreal by 13

Winnipeg by 3

Toronto by 10

Calgary by 16

posted by andiemgarcia at 01:38 PM on August 30, 2012

B.C. by 3
Winnipeg by 7
Hamilton by 10
Calgary by 22

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Wife and I will be climbing Pack Monadnock Mountain in NH tomorrow to help count migrating raptors. Reports are that a few species, not necessarily raptors, are heading south a bit early. That tells me to get the snow blower serviced soon. For now I'll stick with blowing CFL predictions out the usual orifice.

BC at Montreal: No little larks expected on the mountain tomorrow, so it sounds like they'll stay home and play. Some have said that lions (the mountain lion type) have been seen in NH. This is a persistent but unconfirmed rumor, so I expect they'll be in Montreal, not here. Does this help me predict the result? Of course not; Montreal wins by 2.

Winnipeg at Saskatchewan: Rough Riders have shown less than stellar performance all season, while Blue Bombers haven't been too good either. Winnipeg seems to have gotten a little better as the season continues, but not had great results. This will be another tight one, but Sasketchewan will prevail by 3.

Toronto at Hamilton: The Argonauts take their Golden Fleece along the lake shore to play with the kitties. The Tigercats do the fleecing and the Argonauts boat gets sunk. Hamilton by 7.

Edmonton at Calgary: Eskimos go to a Stampede, but I've never heard of a sled dog stampeding, even when the Alpo is passed out. Both of htese teams have seen success this season, but Edmonton seems to be a bit stronger. Since the game is in Calgary, it'll be closer than had it been in Edmonton, but I will call Edmonton by 11.

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Montreal by 3

Winnipeg by 7

Hamilton by 9

Calgary by 17

posted by MrFrisby at 07:05 AM on August 31, 2012

mont by 2

sask by 3

ham by 2

cal by 5

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posted by JPR at 05:03 PM on August 31, 2012

BC by 3

Winnipeg by 2

Hamilton by 7

Edmonton by 6

posted by Reever at 07:14 PM on August 31, 2012

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