August 13, 2012

Johnny Pesky, 1920-2012: Boston Red Sox legend Johnny Pesky died today at 92 years of age. He had been associated with the team in one capacity or another nearly continuously since 1942. Pesky, nee Paveskovich, is most remembered for the right-field foul pole that bears his name in Fenway Park.

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My brother has a cat named Johnny Pesky.

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Condolences to Red Sox Nation.

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^ fungo hit

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On second look, Pesky's birth year should read as 1919, not 1920. I relied on math, not a reference when I wrote the post.

By coincidence, another somewhat legendary Boston sports personality almost simultaneously announced his (semi) retirement. Bob Ryan had previously announced that the London Olympics would be his last regular assignment for The Boston Globe. He does plan occasional writings and TV appearances. Unfortunately, Pesky's decision was not his own and is quite permanent.

I'm old enough to have seen Johnny Pesky on the field, I remember him doing commentary on TV, and I also remember him as manager of some not very successful Red Sox teams. His having lived long enough to see his beloved Sox win 2 World Series is a blessing. It would be fitting if his ashes could be sealed inside the right field foul pole.

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His having lived long enough to see his beloved Sox win 2 World Series is a blessing.

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"He was always so nice to me throughout the years," Jeter said. "Every time I'd see him, he would come over and say, I hope you get four hits today and the guy behind you hits into four double plays.' I've always enjoyed having the opportunity to talk to him."

Yankees to hold moment of silence for Pesky.

Final note about Pesky I learned from baseballthinkfactory: He was born on the same day as Babe Ruth's last home run with the Red Sox (September 27, 1919).

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