January 11, 2012

Potvin Sucks Forever: For 33 years -- and nearly a quarter-century since he retired -- Madison Square Garden faithful have chanted "[Denis] Potvin Sucks." Though Potvin's Islanders have won just two postseason series (both in 1993) since his retirement, the sentiment remains for Rangers fans. While this sort of historical memory is a feature of European (and perhaps collegiate) sports, what are some other examples in North American professional sports?

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Great link because...
"Felix did play 33 games for the Isles in 1999 -- in goal -- but if anything, you'd think his 3.35 GAA and .893 save percentage would be something Ranger fans would cheer not jeer."
...I said pretty much the same thing. A fellow spofite informed me it was Denis, not Felix.

Also, I wish my fellow Devils fans would come up with something more original than, "Rangers suck"

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Boston still chants "Beat LA", even though 1982 was a long time ago.

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Red Sox Nation --- Bucky "Fuckin'" Dent

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Fifth time's the charm.* -- Minnesota Vikings fans

*We don't really say this.

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"Potvin sucks"/lol. Even if he did, which he didn't, Bossy, Trottier, Gilles, Nystrom, Goring, the Sutter brothers, Smith, etc knew how to win a few cups. I like when Denis said, " I thought they were saying Potvin Cups, and I held up four fingers"--Classic!! Now if Tavares and the boys could just get us back into the playoffs sometime this century...

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Daniel Alfredsson (Ottawa Senators) still gets lustily booed by Toronto Maple Leafs fans every time he touches the puck, for mocking Mats Sundin many years ago.

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Every time someone ends a FB post with 'FML' I have to remind myself that it doesn't stand for 'Fucking Maple Leafs'...

posted by MeatSaber at 03:21 PM on January 12

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