November 30, 2011

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So, since college football started the annual purging of the coaches, and pro football is expected to do the same once the year ends. Which got me to thinking:

Does any other sport fire as many coaches at the same time as football does?

Seems like hockey, baseball, and basketball all fire people continuously throughout the year. Can't speak for soccer.

posted by Bonkers at 09:51 AM on November 30, 2011

Canadian Football Legends "Throw down" at Charity Event

posted by BornIcon at 09:58 AM on November 30, 2011

College coaches now having to watch out for the two-and-out.

posted by wfrazerjr at 01:58 PM on November 30, 2011

Firing a college coach after two years is ridiculous. Most of their recruits aren't even starting at that point.

posted by rcade at 02:20 PM on November 30, 2011

In the case of Turner Gill, it was clear that he wasn't ready for that job almost before he took it.

AD's would counter, I suppose with tales of guys like Kiffin and Dennis Erickson, who went one and done of their own volition and left the schools they had been at in the lurch.

When a coach gets canned after 2 years, he usually gets a buyout, so he doesn't have to scramble to recover on the spot like Idaho and Tennessee did.

posted by beaverboard at 03:07 PM on November 30, 2011

Arthur Beetson, Rugby League great, is dead. Probably the best front row forward of all time.

posted by owlhouse at 08:25 PM on November 30, 2011

Suh gets 2-game suspension from NFL, and naturally appeals.

If he loses the appeal, can they tack on another two game suspension for being a compounded dumbass?

posted by evixir at 09:43 PM on November 30, 2011

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