November 18, 2011

Oklahoma State Women's Coaches Die in Plane Crash: Oklahoma State University women's basketball coach Kurt Budke and assistant coach Miranda Serna were killed with two others in a plane crash Thursday while on a recruiting trip in Arkansas. Just 10 years ago, two male OSU basketball players and eight others affiliated with the team died in a plane crash outside Denver.

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I'm a part-time/commuter student at Okie State. I overheard a bit of conversation this morning before an exam, but about all I could glean was something about an accident and the Women's Basketball Team. It wasn't until I was done with classes this morning and checked Twitter on my phone that I found out what had happened. What a damn shame, especially right before Thanksgiving.

Stillwater's a fairly small town and a keeps a pretty tight-knit community (there's really not much there that isn't tied to the University in some form), so this will have a profound impact on the community. I still see "Remember the Eight" tribute t-shirts on campus every so often, and these are being worn by kids that were in elementary school ten years ago.

The Wrestling Team has postponed its matches for the weekend. Tonight's football game, obviously, will still be played (on National TV at that), but it's away. The folks at Iowa State have announced that they'll do some kind of tribute before the game.


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