June 22, 2011

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Today In Inappropriate: War Fighter On Halladay

posted by tommybiden at 12:46 PM on June 22, 2011

Today In Inappropriate: War Fighter On Halladay

So who other than Phillie fans were going to be offended by that attempt at humor or was actually going to take it seriously? I don't think that the Fox statement was necessary?

posted by Demophon at 01:05 PM on June 22, 2011

I'm with Demophon. Stupid and unfunny, but not necessarily offensive to all but the thinnest-skinned.

posted by tahoemoj at 01:15 PM on June 22, 2011

The colonel is just fortunate that he roped a guy as classy as Halladay into the moment. Can't picture Doc making a big issue out of it.

If it had been Dallas Braden, that might have turned into a spectacle.

posted by beaverboard at 04:34 PM on June 22, 2011

I can say whatever I want because I'm a war fighter, and this is the Cardinals Nation the last time I checked.

Jesus, he sounds 12.

posted by justgary at 07:12 PM on June 22, 2011

Jesus, he sounds 12 delusional.

Fixed that for you.


posted by tommybiden at 08:25 PM on June 22, 2011

He really called himself a "war fighter", huh? That's awesome.

posted by lil_brown_bat at 09:22 AM on June 23, 2011

The Lt. Col. did offer up an explanation of his comments.

I'm not trying to kill Halladay, not in a million years," Lt. Col. Tomko says about the joke he made in the booth. "I was referring to his pitching ability and our ability to knock a ball out of the air with a thermal sight. The tank [M1A1 Abrams] can track multiple targets while moving in rough terrain at 50 miles an hour."

Could they track something the size of a baseball then?

"They can track anything," says Lt. Col. Tomko. "If it had heat, they can follow it and Halladay throws heat."

posted by dviking at 10:38 AM on June 23, 2011

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