February 18, 2011

Iowa High School Attempts 103 3-Pointers: The good news: West Burlington High School in Iowa set a new national record by attempting 103 3-point shots against Danville High School. The bad news: They only made eight, losing to undefeated Danville 109-25. "We were hoping that coming in averaging 24 or so percent (on 3-pointers), we could make 24 or 25," said coach Vern Reed. "Unfortunately that didn't happen."

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"No plan of operations extends with certainty beyond the first encounter with the enemy's main strength."

At some point, if it ain't working, try a new idea.

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The Falcons were led by Skylar Schmeiser, who drained four 3-point attempts.

That's gotta be a fake name.

I'm curious what kind of shots they were taking, if they were actually trying to get good shots or just running down the court and taking the first look they got.

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What the hell is going on in Iowa high school athletics these days?

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First the record points game, then the wrestling, then this. Makes me glad I only played JV soccer and varsity tennis in my two years as a member of the Iowa HS athletics scene (07 and 08).

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The opportunity cost of a 3-pointer is the rebound: since the shooter generally isn't in a position to contend for a missed shot, it's five-on-four for the defense, so you get no second chances.

Next time, coach should dictate no shots outside the paint. That might force the other team to foul more, too.

posted by Uncle Toby at 01:33 PM on February 18, 2011

Yet another ill fated game plan against a good (undefeated team). I think the coach forgot to factor in the good defense that was probably played against them and/or their own miserable outside shooting percentage. I guess they could have tried the "stall" method but that would have been much more boring.

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Moltke originated the use of the colors blue for friendly forces and red for hostile forces in strategy or wargaming

That, by god, is a useful political strategy as well.

A little off point, but I've been drinking.

posted by outonleave at 07:49 PM on February 18, 2011

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