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There are buzzer beaters and then there are BUZZER BEATERS

Yes precisely, what may be more amazing than the shot himself is that he basically put himself in a position to steal the ball back to make the shot. So many kids can learn from that.

posted by straw22 at 09:57 AM on March 05, 2013

Steelers' Clark Can't Play Because of Sickle-Cell

Once they pan over the stadium in Denver and hear the crowd you'll realize that it will pretty much be a home game for Pittsburgh. There are a ton on Steeler fans here. Any extra tickets this week will most likely be bought up by them.

posted by straw22 at 10:05 AM on January 05, 2012

Iowa High School Attempts 103 3-Pointers

Yet another ill fated game plan against a good (undefeated team). I think the coach forgot to factor in the good defense that was probably played against them and/or their own miserable outside shooting percentage. I guess they could have tried the "stall" method but that would have been much more boring.

posted by straw22 at 01:38 PM on February 18, 2011

Trevor Hoffman Notches 600th Career Save in Brewers Victory

For any given game you can get somewhat lucky and get a save (3 hard line drive outs for example) however hats off to Hoffman. It might have taken awhile but I'm glad he got his chance. He was the "go to guy" for many years. I'm happy for him and his great career. I'm most especially grateful that he didn't get one of his saves during the play-in game back in 2007 vs the Rockies.

posted by straw22 at 07:16 PM on September 08, 2010

Unassisted triple play by Phillies' second baseman Eric Bruntlett

The cycle and the unassisted Triple Play. Here's your answer. We can't forget Tulowitzki from the red hot Rockies!

posted by straw22 at 04:11 PM on August 25, 2009