January 04, 2011

Favre Sued for Sexual Harassment: Former NFL quarterback Brett Favre and the New York Jets have been sued for sexual harassment by two massage therapists who worked for the team when he was playing for the team in 2008. Christina Scavo, who filed suit along with Shannon O'Toole, alleges that Favre sent racy text messages propositioning her and another woman and after her husband demanded an apology from him, neither she nor O'Toole was offered work by the team again.

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If this: "Brett here. You and Crissy want to get together? I'm all alone," the suit says Favre wrote. "Kinda of lonely tonight. I guess I have bad intentions," is the basis of their lawsuit, I can see why the Jets have stated the lawsuit is without merit.

As discussed before, once Favre was told to stop he did, so the harassment claim becomes hard to push. Also, it seems odd that they admit that Favre didn't even send them the texts, it went instead to a third masseuse. So, they feel harassed by a text message they didn't receive? The women might have something to pursue with the Jets if they can prove their claims that the massage coordinator told them to keep the matter quiet. That seems to be the most damaging evidence we've heard of, which makes me wonder why it is just surfacing now. If I missed that in the prior stories, so be it.

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Given the other Jets incidents (i.e., the harassment of Sterger and the reporter earlier this year), it becomes pretty believable that they have a hostile work environment going over there. No good assessment of damaging evidence can really be made until after discovery. All they have to do is sustain their claim.

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I kind of had sympathy for Farve over the Sterger deal. He'd hardly be the first fortyish guy to make a fool out of himself over a pretty young coworker. But it seems he drank the Kool Aid of the whole entire Jets jr. high locker room culture experience. People think he tainted his legacy coming back after Green Bay? Try adding creepy old guy laughed at by cool chicks to the resume.

Oh, and creepy old MARRIED guy too. Next time his darlin' daughter that's his whole world asks him to win a Super Bowl for her, it's gonna be on a weekend visitation. Hope dude's got a really good lawyer.

At least when Tiger destroyed his marriage he was actually getting laid, not just acting like 7th grader.

posted by gradioc at 09:48 PM on January 05, 2011

Overreacting much? We don't know the arrangement that Favre has with his wife, maybe she allowed Brett to stray once in a while while he was in Green Bay and maybe she kept something on the side too, who knows?

If you truly believe in what is being alleged, do you think Favre suddenly became this way while with the Jets? Or, maybe this is a way for these women to to make some money considering this was over 2 years ago and never reported? If they really felt that they were harrassed, why wait so long?

Also, I would love to know what the response texts were from these women instead of just what Favre allegedly sent. I strongly doubt it began with, "Hi, I'm Brett... Here's a pic of my dick!"

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They may have waited to sue until Favre made himself a more lawsuit-rich target with the reports of his behavior towards Sterger. I think there's a statute of limitations issue that forced them to file now if they were ever going to sue.

posted by rcade at 09:19 AM on January 06, 2011

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