December 10, 2010

Integrating the Negro Leagues: Who was Eddie Klep? Everybody knows about the black man who integrated the major leagues in 1947, but hardly anyone knows about the white man who integrated the Negro Leagues the year before. Eddie Klep was no role model, but he deserves to be remembered, and Chuck Brodsky (who's written a bunch of baseball songs) did his part with the "Ballad of Eddie Klepp" (YouTube, lyrics). The name actually has just one p; Brodsky regrets the error (which is also made in this short piece, with lively quotes from Klep's wife) (via MetaFilter).

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Great story, Thanks

posted by gfinsf at 08:30 AM on December 10, 2010

Great links all around.

The Wiki link on him noted that a film on his life had been sold to Adam Sandler's production company.

OK to have Sandler money pumped into making a Klep movie. But please no Sandler himself in it. My sanity has a zero tolerance policy with that guy.

posted by beaverboard at 08:49 AM on December 10, 2010

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