November 11, 2010

CFL Playoff Pick 'Em, Semi-Final Edition: The CFL playoffs are here! You are cordially invited to participate if you: (a) missed out on the regular season pick 'em, (b) need to make up for your shoddy regular-season performance, or (c) won the regular season and need to defend your record. If you meet any or all of these eligibility requirements, please make your picks inside.

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Toronto Argonauts (9-9) @ Hamilton Tiger-Cats (9-9) (Sunday, November 14)
The Greatest Rivalry In Sports™ resumes its playoff story. There's no question that Toronto has exceeded expectations this year, and that Hamilton has underperformed. Despite that, the Tiger-Cats have been at their best this year against the Argos, and the Argos have been at their worst when playing their rivals. Hamiton will be the unquestioned favourites going in, but it's been so long since they've performed in the playoffs—will they succumb to the pressure? Eastern Semi-Final Preview »

B.C. Lions (8-10) @ Saskatchewan (10-8) (Sunday, November 14)
A true tale of two teams. Saskatchewan opened the season strong, but limped into the playoffs, losing four of their last five games. B.C. stumbled out of the game to the tune of a 1-7 record, but picked up the pieces and finished strong to clinch a playoff berth in the final week of the season. Saskatchewan retains the core of last year's division championship team, while B.C. has had to work around some notable personnel departures. It comes down to the eternal question: pedigree or momentum? Western Semi-Final Preview »

Pick the kicker who will score the most points for his team this weekend.

2010 Kicking Stats »

Good luck!

posted by DrJohnEvans at 01:03 PM on November 11, 2010

Let's bet the farm!

Toronto by 7

Saskatchewan by 6

Bonus: McCallum from BC

posted by Reever at 06:39 PM on November 11, 2010

Hamilton by 19

Saskatchewan by 18

Sandro DeAngelis

posted by tommybiden at 06:46 PM on November 11, 2010

And here I thought Hamilton was supposed to suck.

Hamilton by 3
Saskatchewan by 17

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 08:02 PM on November 11, 2010

Tronno by 14

Sasketchewan by 14


posted by owlhouse at 05:29 AM on November 12, 2010

Hamilton by 10

Saskatchewan by 13


posted by cixelsyd at 09:26 AM on November 12, 2010

Hamilton by 11
Saskatchewan by 17

posted by bender at 10:27 AM on November 12, 2010

Toronto by 1
B.C. by 3


posted by grum@work at 10:49 AM on November 12, 2010

Hammertown by 9

Sasquatch-thong by 4


posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 05:15 PM on November 12, 2010

My Beloved Argos by 4 over those long timed disliked pussycats.

BC will... not prevail against the Riders as long as the green guys can count. Riders by 5.

Pre will come through.

Lets go Argos, lets go!


posted by argoal at 11:44 AM on November 13, 2010

Hamilton by 10

BC by 7


posted by JPR at 04:56 PM on November 13, 2010

Hamilton by 6

Samsquanch by 2


posted by Spitztengle at 09:09 AM on November 14, 2010


Hamilton by 15
B.C. by 9

posted by DrJohnEvans at 01:02 PM on November 14, 2010

Also it looks like the game is live on Not sure if it's region-restricted though.

posted by DrJohnEvans at 01:13 PM on November 14, 2010

Also ten degrees, foggy, and rainy. It's football weather!

posted by DrJohnEvans at 01:14 PM on November 14, 2010

Crazy. Argos win the turnover battle and hang on for the 16-13 win.

And now B.C. is ahead by 9? (I'm tivo delayed right now.) Crazy!

posted by DrJohnEvans at 06:33 PM on November 14, 2010

OVERTIME in Saskatchewan! Lulay connects on a hail mary with no time on the clock to force OT. WOW!!!

posted by Spitztengle at 07:28 PM on November 14, 2010

Anyone outside of Canada wanting to know where they can watch the Grey Cup on Nov. 28th can check out this list.

posted by Spitztengle at 10:00 PM on November 16, 2010

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