October 16, 2010

NY stuns Texas in Game One of the ALCS: Ranger bullpen fails to hold early lead as Yankees score 5 runs in the 8th to win 6-5.

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Amazing. I really felt for the Texas fans -- the look on their faces during that rally was so pitiful. A tale of two bullpens.

How often did we hear the word "reset" from the announcers during that game?

posted by bperk at 07:25 AM on October 16, 2010

I hate the eighth inning. Until you get past the Bartman out, no lead in the playoffs is safe.

If Ron Washington and Josh Hamilton stay off drugs after that game, they're cured.

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Darren Oliver comes in with no outs and Jeter on second and walks the bases loaded. I couldn't be a manager. I would have strangled him when I reached the mound.

posted by justgary at 10:50 AM on October 16, 2010

From the New York Times Article:

Just ask the dignitaries sitting in the front row, next to the camera well beside the Rangers' dugout: former President George W. Bush and Nolan Ryan, one of the team's new owners, who stewed, arms folded, as the game unraveled merely a few feet away. It all must have looked so painfully familiar to Bush, a former managing partner and minority owner. Their glory years of the 1990s, punctuated by three division titles, ended each time with first-round losses to the Yankees, who have now won 10 straight playoff games against Texas.

What the article doesn't say is that Bush stood up at the end of the seventh inning and announced "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!"

posted by cjets at 11:14 AM on October 16, 2010

Why was Jesse Ventura doing the play-by-play?

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There's really nothing like having friends over who know nothing about baseball and trying to explain to them the screams and shouts of bases loaded with Alex Rodriguez up to bat.

That dive to first by the way. Fucking classic.

posted by phaedon at 12:46 PM on October 16, 2010

Fucking classic.

But not a smart play.

posted by justgary at 01:02 PM on October 16, 2010

For all the heat that the umpires get for blowing calls this season, I hope praise will be lauded upon the home plate umpire for making the right call on the wild-pitch-tag-at-home play by CC on Cruz in the bottom of the 1st inning.

Watching this video, it's interesting how the radio announcers for Texas are RIPPING the umpire (Jerry Davis) for getting it wrong ("An absolutely horrendous call. No question about it."), but then have to admit that he nailed the call.

posted by grum@work at 01:20 PM on October 16, 2010

Joe Posnanski on ninth inning bunt.

Also on Yankee success:

The Yankees the last couple of years (I think) have put together one of the greatest postseason recipes in baseball history:

The recipe is this:

1 dominant starter 9 or 10 good-to-great hitters to wear down opponents. 1 Mariano Rivera

On the negative side, the ingredients will cost you a lot of money you can't even find them at Dean at Deluca. On the positive side, this recipe is so good I'm not even sure you need the dominant starter.

The Yankees mostly do this with their lineup, their non-stop, no-break, every-inning-is-a-threat lineup Jeter, Swisher, Teixeira, A-Rod, Cano, Thames or Berkman, Posada, Granderson, Gardner. You can start that lineup almost anywhere, and it's still better than just about any other lineup in the league starting right at the top.

posted by justgary at 05:45 PM on October 16, 2010

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