October 05, 2010

Humbled Vick taking his second chance and running with it: The Michael Vick who takes the field Sunday for the Philadelphia Eagles won't be the same Michael Vick who made three Pro Bowls in six seasons with the Atlanta Falcons.

And that, he says, is a good thing.

Vick told NFL Network analyst Jim Mora, who coached him in Atlanta from 2004 to 2006, that before he spent 18 months in federal prison on dogfighting charges, "my whole life was a lie."

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"I came to work with a mask on, man," Vick told Mora in an interview that aired on "NFL GameDay Morning" on Sunday. "It was me deep down inside. But it was the other things that I had when I left. You know, I was into everything. You know, going home, you know, everything."


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I'm happy that Vick is taking his second chance and making the best of it. I watched the Michael Vick Project and it was sad. He hurt his children, his wife, his brother, and the rest of his family. He didn't get to attend his grandmother's funeral. He suffered a harsh penalty and so did his family. It isn't surprising that he would be humbled after that experience. It does bother me a bit that forgiveness for athletes is closely related to exceptional play though.

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Glad to see Vick give McNabb credit for the mentoring he provided to help get Vick started off on the right track when he got to Phila.

Credit is something McNabb has had a hard time coming by in his pro career. Nice to see him get a little taste.

And an earnest, heartfelt taste at that, which is worth more than shallow blabber from an overstoked talking head at a studio desk.

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Great comments by both b's...

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