April 22, 2003

Spring is the time when a young man's fancy turns to...Football! (The NFL Draft specifically.) The Bengals seem to have focused on Carson Palmer. They should probably read this first. Who are your top five picks? Who's your sleeper and who's your bust? Ever wonder how teams evaluate draft-day trades? Read this.

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From my heart I hope Palmer goes first. But for his sake, and the Bengals, I hope they go for Terence Newman. No one will offer the Bengals anything serious in trade, because Marvin Lewis is enough of an addition for them this year, and everyone hopes they screw the pick by taking Palmer. Top 5:

  1. Newman
  2. Charles Rogers, Mooch is probably salivating about getting a new T.O. and homegrown at that, screw the urine test.
  3. Houston surely doesn't need a QB, so Dewayne Robertson.
  4. Bears signed Kordell but they have such QB issues since McMahon left that I bet they go for Palmer. Who will have Stewart playing H-Back by midseason.
  5. Parcells will trade this pick, probably for both Raider #1s but maybe to the Ravens for their first plus a player and another high pick. Ravens would take Leftwich, Raiders would go for Jimmy Kennedy or Leftwich (because Gannon is getting old, still), and Cowboys, if they keep, ignore the 40 yard timings and go for Terrell Suggs because Parcells sees another LT.
Bring on training camp already!

posted by billsaysthis at 04:44 PM on April 22, 2003

I love drafts. Espn should just have an all draft channel. All Mel Kiper Jr., all the time. 2nd or 3rd round steal at FS, Terrance Holt, will make a lucky team look really good on special teams next year.

posted by corpse at 05:14 PM on April 22, 2003

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