April 13, 2003

Gophers Repeat: The University of Minnesota Golden Gophers became the first team in 31 years to win back to back titles in college hockey. Led by Austrian Thomas Vanek, most likely a top 5 pick in this years NHL draft, scored the game winner on a beautiful solo effort. University of New Hampshire played close in the first two periods, keeping the game tied going into the third. But the Gophers scored 4 third period goals to win the Championship. But of course, stupid college fans had to ruin a good thing, by setting a car on fire and tearing down traffic signs. It's hard to get into college hockey when NHL playoffs are just starting, but ESPN did have the game on and will most likely make the game an instant classic. Go Gophers!

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Before Fox Sports bought all the regional sports networks, we used to get college hockey games about once or twice a week down here in North Carolina on the old SportSouth. Now we are lucky just to get something other than that damned Best Damn Sports Show Period. I'd rather watch indoor field hockey than that piece of crap!

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I never understood the riots that happen after a big championship. After Theo Fleury, I'm one of the biggest little meatheads out there. There's actually a GoldenBooks kid's title loosely based on my life coming out that's called "The Lil'est Meathead". But I'd live the rest of my life in shame if I was teargassed while chanting "Go Gophers". You got tear-gassed becuase of Gophers? Gophers!?! Not to take anything away from a great team, but Jeez. From the article: On 12th St., Haliey Baltimore, a second-year student from Winona, Minn., was lighting trash from an overturned trash bin on fire "because the cops are beating kids. You can't spray tear gas in a crowd of kids." They're spraying tear gas because you're an ass, you ass. And now your name is in the paper. I'm sure Mom and Dad in Winona, Minn. are very proud. Ass.

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If Cornell won we wouldn't have rioted :) Wed just get really drunk and maybe, just maybe, roll a bowling ball down the hill towards the chapter house. OK, maybe that's just something I've always wanted to do. I wonder what would happen... It always makes me scratch my head why people get violent when their team WINS. In Syracuse, in 87, the students got a bit rowdy, but that's cause the team blew it. This year, they won, and the only arrest I saw was when some weird guy was jumping up and down on some "borrowed' bar stools. People were hangning from trees like they were goal posts, but otherwise, it was good clean drunken and topless (men and women) partying in the street. Minnesota dominated the first and the third, and could easily have won by more. I still have that damn cheer stuck in my head. Congratulations, you can spell. Now shut up already! Ah, it's worse than a bad song getting stuck... M! I! N! N! E! S! O! T! A! Sota! Sota! MiinnnnnnnnneSOTA! Grrr. But, big thumbs up to the skating cheerbabes :D

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The fans wh came to Buffalo to see the games were all well behaved. It was great to see them all out and about. We don't have much of a big-time college sports tradition hereabouts, so it was fun to see folks coming from places that do.

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