May 10, 2010

LPGA Golfer Erica Blasberg Dies: Erica Blasberg, a 25-year-old LPGA golfer who turned pro six years ago, was found dead at her Henderson, Nev., home Sunday. The cause is under investigation. A 1999 profile of Blasberg from the Press-Enterprise describes her as a woman "raised to play golf."

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Shane Bacon, a college friend, has written a tribute.

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Blasberg's dad is openly mentioning suicide as a possibility, so it would appear that she had troubles that weren't evident to the public and press.

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The agent for LPGA golfer Erica Blasberg says she had her bags packed for a tournament in Alabama when she died suddenly at her home in suburban Henderson. So far, police aren't giving any indication of how she died.

Chase Callahan said Tuesday the 25-year-old Blasberg was scheduled to fly Sunday to Mobile, Ala., and tee off Monday in qualifying rounds at the Bell Micro LPGA Classic.

Blasberg's sudden death Sunday at home in Henderson is being investigated by police and the Clark County coroner.

They say it could be four to six weeks before their investigation is complete.

Callahan says police in Henderson aren't giving him and Blasberg's parents, Mel and Debbie Blasberg of Corona, Calif., any indication how Erica Blasberg died.

Four to six weeks seems to be a significant factor. I think they are waiting for toxicology reports which would support the suicide rumor. If it were a homicide you would think the evidence would be fairly clear.

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The Press-Enterprise article rcade mentioned references a diary she kept for the PE during her first year of the LPGA tour, and excerpted a snippet which I found somewhat telling:

"I am having so much fun," Ms. Blasberg wrote in an entry that ran March 9, 2005. "The way you're treated is like you are a queen or something. It seems like almost any request you have, from getting to the mall to getting the exact food you want, is taken care of by someone.

"I mean, what's better than a life where everyone around you seems to want to make you happy?"

I thought it seemed like an odd thing for her to comment on or contemplate... and wondered how much farther she would have taken that particular train of thought if allowed to do so in that entry. Makes one wonder how much unhappiness she was hiding on a regular basis, if you want to speculate on any depressive tendencies she may have had.

Or maybe I'm just a cynic since my reaction to that sort of treatment would be less "They really want to make me happy! They care about me!" and more "They are getting paid to treat me this way and their personal opinion of me doesn't factor into it because it's a job for them!"

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