April 01, 2010

New York Times Sells Boston Red Sox: The New York Times Co. has sold a 1.18 percent share in the company that owns the Boston Red Sox, reducing its ownership stake in the team to 16.6 percent.

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subscription required.

posted by myshtigo at 04:03 PM on April 01, 2010

I thought it fitting to find the story here

posted by Demophon at 04:10 PM on April 01, 2010

The NYT has been looking to do this for some time now. Frankly, they're short on money, and they really need to divest their non-core stuff. I guess they have not been able to find a buyer to take the entire load off their hands, so they are letting it go in bits and pieces. I doubt there will be any great changes in the operation of the team.

Maybe now Red Sox batters will be allowed to hit to right more often.

posted by Howard_T at 05:56 PM on April 01, 2010

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