February 14, 2010

Champion Jockey Dick Francis Dies: Dick Francis, a champion jockey in the 1940s and 50s who was once the Queen Mother's jockey and rode a horse that fell 45 meters from winning the 1956 Grand National steeplechase, has died at age 89. Also of minor note: Francis sold 60 million crime novels after his retirement, many based in the world of horse racing.

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I don't know much about his jockey career, but he was pretty entertaining as an author.

89 years is a pretty good run. R.I.P. Mr. Francis

posted by steelergirl at 03:01 PM on February 14, 2010

My wife and I were both big Dick Francis fans, as we both love horses. His books were 'easy reads' and highly entertaining, and we always looked forward to the latest in the series. Toward the end of his writing career, the genre became a bit stale, but we read them nonetheless. I had known that he had been a jockey and had ridden the Queen Mother's horse, but I had never heard that he was one jump away from the Grand National. R.I.P. Mr. Francis.

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He had a good run, but its still slightly shocking.


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There probably wasn't a single week in the late 70s/early 80s when one of my parents wasn't reading a Dick Francis thriller.

To borrow an analogy from another sport - he had a long and productive innings. RIP.

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Obligatory Devon Loch clip.

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