January 06, 2010

WR/KR Harvin is top offensive rookie: The Little Phenom is the NFL's top offensive rookie.

Percy Harvin used his versatility and intelligence to win The Associated Press 2009 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year award.

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FYI, the "Little Phenom" comment above is from the article.

Being a Vikings fan, I'm happy to see that Percy was recognized for this play this year. There was a lot of hype going into the season about how good he was and how much effect he would have on the offense. There was also a lot of talk about is off-the-field issues during his college days. It was a lot of fun watching him play and it was also nice to see that he didn't put himself in situations that gave him issues in Florida.

He was a solid contributor to the Vikings this year. The only thing that slowed him down were the migraines. I hope that he stays around a while and keeps playing to the standard that he set this year.

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The Vikings's drafts have been really excellent during the Childress era. Greenway, Peterson, and Harvin have been the three first-round picks, and the other was traded for Jared Allen. They've done pretty well further down the draft as well. Harvin was exceptional this year, and deserved this honor.

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Greenway, Peterson, and Harvin have been the three first-round picks

And two of them were Rookie of the Year (Peterson, too). I'm not a big fan of Childress as a coach, but he's got a great eye for talent.

Brett Favre gets an assist for this award. He took Harvin under his wing and they developed a great rapport. Even if Favre leaves after this season, he's shown guys like Harvin and Sidney Rice the full range of their abilities, and I hope that holds over after Favre leaves.

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I love it, simply because nobody is named Percy any more. I'd vote for anyone named Percy.

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Mercy mercy, Mister Percy.

This had to have been a slam dunk for the AP Voters, though. Harvin's had a tremendous year. You could tell how good of a season he was having without watching a single Vikings game when midway through the NFL season, all of the college commentators started referring to the athletic jack-of-all-trade types as the "Percy Harvins" of their team.

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