October 15, 2009

CFL Pick 'Em, Week 16: Three weeks to go and everyone has something to play for. Everyone, of course, except the Argos, and pretty much anyone with fewer than 50 points in our standings. Even if you're one of the unfortunate ones, suck it up and make your picks inside.

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In a wild one in the snow, B.C. stares down Edmonton's comeback with a comeback of their own. Saskatchewan does what it said on the tin against the Argos. Montreal showed that they deserve their record, and a bad start had Hamilton snowed in early.

ResultB.C. by 3Saskatchewan by 10Montreal by 21Winnipeg by 10
Margin of Error2 to 47 to 1315 to 277 to 13

It's officially a two-horse race: MrFrisby puts together a good 6 point week to stay in contention, but j5v scores the "nice guy" spread point in Hamilton to maintain a two-point lead with three weeks to go.

SpoFiteEDM @ WPGSSSK @ BCSMTL @ TORSHAM @ CGYSPointsTotal Points
j5v Saskatchewan9Montreal 10452
MrFrisbyB.C. Saskatchewan12Montreal21 650
DrJohnEvansB.C.4Saskatchewan Montreal 445
apoch Saskatchewan8 244
rahilsuleman Saskatchewan13Montreal18 444
owlhouse Saskatchewan Montreal Winnipeg10544
SchultzieB.C. Saskatchewan Montreal 342
tomytrump Saskatchewan Montreal 241
Reever Saskatchewan Montreal15Winnipeg8540
argoalB.C.4Saskatchewan8Montreal 540
Spitztengle Saskatchewan Montreal 239
JPRB.C.4Saskatchewan7Montreal 10639
Mave Saskatchewan7Montreal 338
Ying Yang MafiaB.C. Saskatchewan10 431
The_Black_HandB.C. Saskatchewan10Montreal 520

Only Montreal and Toronto have confirmed their playoff fate. Everyone else has some work to do.


Edmonton @ Toronto (Friday, October 16) All of a sudden Edmonton's lost three in a row, and wouldn't even qualify for the crossover if the playoffs started today. But how effective of a spoiler can the Argos be?

Saskatchewan @ Calgary (Saturday, October 17) The division lead is split between these two. Calgary has some fences to mend after last week's blowout; can they get it together at home? This has to be a coin toss.

Hamilton @ Montreal (Sunday, October 18) Hamilton's lost three straight and is teetering on the edge of the playoff picture. But Montreal's a tough city in which to regain your balance.

B.C. @ Winnipeg (Sunday, October 18) Both these teams have enjoyed late-season renaissances. Whose do you believe in more? Also note that the winner of this game grabs second place in their division.

Good luck!

posted by DrJohnEvans at 10:04 AM on October 15, 2009

I was leafing through the New Light of Myanmar this morning, over my bowl of steaming hot Shan noodles. Edmonton by 15. I was frantically looking for the column with the CFL tips and spreads. Calgary by 7. To my dismay, they seemed to be covering rattan ball keepy uppy instead. Not being able to read Burmese, I think that's what the pictures were of, anyway. Montreal by 12. So I'll have to use holy divination, provided by the local pagoda's fortune teller. Winnipeg by 5. Which is pretty much what I do at home anyway.

posted by owlhouse at 10:34 AM on October 15, 2009

Edmonton by 8 Calgary by 14 Montreal by 4 BC by 8

posted by apoch at 11:23 AM on October 15, 2009

Toronto by 5

Calgary by 17

Montreal by 18

Winnipeg by 18

posted by Mave at 01:15 PM on October 15, 2009

Edmonton by 17

Calgary by 17

Montreal by 7

British Columbia by 20

posted by tommybiden at 03:18 PM on October 15, 2009

Edmonton by 13

Calgary by 3

Montreal by 17

Winnipeg by 6

posted by JPR at 04:29 PM on October 15, 2009

Schultz, Chris:

Edmonton by 5

Saskatchewan by 2

Montreal by 9

Winnipeg by 1

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PointSpreads via Sport Select:

Edmonton road favorites by 51/2

Calgary favored at home by 41/2

Montreal heavy favorites in front of their 20,000 loyal fans by 111/2

And the oddsmakers think it'll be close, but that the Lions can do it on the road. BC -11/2

posted by Spitztengle at 06:55 PM on October 15, 2009

Edmonton by 18 Saskatchewan by 6 Montreal by 7 Winnipeg by 3

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 08:07 PM on October 15, 2009

Eddie by 12

Calgon by 4

Monty by 15

Winnie by 3

posted by The_Black_Hand at 09:29 AM on October 16, 2009

Edmonton by 6

Saskatchewan by 7

Montreal by 16

Winnipeg by 4

posted by Reever at 09:46 AM on October 16, 2009

Ed by 10. GO ARGOS!!

Sask by 3

Mont by 12

I think BC is the better team... but Winterpeg may continue on their roll by 2

posted by argoal at 01:16 PM on October 16, 2009

Football gods, please please please let things play out as they should this weekend. I'm gonna have to NAIL spreads from here on out if I'm gonna have any hope of even getting back in contention. And while I've got your attention, please please please please please let the Edmonton football club hang a real ass-whoopin' on those lowly Argonauts. I know that the Argos are a desperate team, but the Double E are really a better, more deserving club.

On that note, Double E vs. Double Blue ... this one "should" be a return of the Edmonton team that we've seen some flashes of earlier this season. While it would probably be a good thing for the Argos to make a contest out of this one, I really don't think they will. Edmonton by 17.

I'm actually surprised that the Stamps are favoured in this one. With Weston Dressler out of the Saskatchewan lineup, they are missing a significant threat, but all year they've had second-stringers step up and really perform. I think they're gonna do the same. Burris is slumping and Durant is on his way up. And with Rider Nation effectively neutralizing the homefield advantage for Calgary, I think the Green team will prevail. In the exciting kind of football game we are coming to expect in the league this year, Saskatchewan by 3.

Montreal sure does look good. I've been waiting for any update as to whether Glenn or Porter will start for Hamilton. I'm thinking that Porter will likely get the call, since Bellefueille has really been behind him all season to this point. I know that there are those who think that Glenn might fare better, but I think that Coach B is working on a longer-term plan than just this one game. Ticats got trounced last time out against the Als. I think they'll show up with a much better performance. Will it be enough to spoil the Als? Lord knows I could sure use an upset to gain some ground on all y'all (if I pick it). Dammit ... Als win but don't cover. Spread is 6.

The Lions have been hurting me all year. I thought they were cellar-dwellers for sure. And as much as I may stand against what he's doing to his brain in the process, Buck Pierce is proving time and time again that he is one tough soldier ... a throwback to what "real" footballers are like. And Geroy et al ... they've got the weapons. The Bombers' surge as of late is going to be shortlived. Credit to Kelly (as goofy a sonuvvagun as he is) for pulling his team together like he has, but all-in-all, they've got Bishop at QB. That's enough to let me know that their success is going to be like the tide ... comin' and goin'. Regardless of what the weather is like, I'm thinking that we will see a showcase of the two top tailbacks in the league in this matchup. But again, as much as it hurts me to say it, I like Mallett better. Ack! Spread is close. Picks are split. I'm gonna pray for BC to open it up and fend 'em off in this one ... maybe a special teams or turnover fiasco ... British Columbia by 21.


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Edmonton by 12 Saskatchewan by 7 Montreal by 8 B.C. by 5

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Oil...I mean Eskimos by 4 Stamps by 10 Als by 7 Peg by 3.

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Edmonton by 7 Calgary by 6 Montreal by 5 BC by 7

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Ice is forming on the tips of my wings
Edmonton by 3
Unheeded warnings, I thought I thought of everything
Saskatchewan by 1
No navigator to guide my way home
Montreal by 18
Unladened, empty and turned to stone
Winnipeg by 6

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The CFL needs a better injury report. I didn't know Mallett was sittin' this one out. Oh well ... backup QBs were makin' appearances this week too.

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