October 07, 2009

CFL Pick 'Em, Week 15: It's Thanksgiving, and our standings are stuffed with as many surprises as this turkey is with bad metaphors. Ignore the cranberry stains and make your picks inside.

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Winnipeg surprises everyone with a big win at home, and B.C. holds the fort with a tight win over the 'Riders. Montreal stays the course against the Argos, and Calgary kicks their way to a squeaker over the Ti-Cats.

ResultWinnipeg by 10B.C. by 3Montreal by 19Calgary by 1
Margin of Error7 to 132 to 413 to 251 to 1

j5v keeps going strong with 5 points, but MrFrisby nails the B.C. spread to grab seven points and become the only other contender for the lead.

SpoFiteEDM @ WPGSSSK @ BCSMTL @ TORSHAM @ CGYSPointsTotal Points
j5vWinnipeg B.C. Montreal15Calgary 548
MrFrisbyWinnipeg B.C.3Montreal17Calgary 744
apoch B.C. Montreal 242
DrJohnEvans Montreal25Calgary3541
rahilsuleman B.C. Montreal2 340
tommytrump B.C. Montreal Calgary 339
owlhouse B.C. Montreal Calgary 339
SchultzieWinnipeg Montreal14Calgary 439
Spitztengle Montreal Calgary 237
Mave B.C. Calgary 235
Reever Montreal17Calgary 335
argoal B.C.2Montreal15Calgary 535
JPR Montreal16Calgary 333
BoKnows 029
Ying Yang MafiaWinnipeg7B.C. Montreal21Calgary 627
The_Black_Hand Calgary 115

This Thanksgiving weekend has it all: strength versus strength, middling versus middling, and somebody versus the Toronto Argonauts.


B.C. @ Edmonton (Friday, October 9) This is a HUGE game: either of these teams could host a playoff game, or cross over to the long road through the East. Edmonton has a home edge, but only slightly.

Toronto @ Saskatchewan (Saturday, October 10) Saskatchewan still has the division title in their sights, and something tells me they won't let the Argos get in their way.

Calgary @ Montreal (Monday, October 12) The two division leads square off. But le Stade Molson is a tough place to play in the fall; will Calgary still be a division leader at the end of the day?

Winnipeg @ Hamilton (Saturday, October 3) Do you believe in Miracles? A Winnipeg win would leave them tied for seconds in the East.

Good luck!

posted by DrJohnEvans at 01:26 AM on October 07, 2009

Gotta get this in.

Edmonton by 7 Saskatchewan by 15 Montreal by 13 Winnipeg by 10

I'm away for the next 2 weeks, out of email and phone contact. Can I just pick (in advance) Edmonton to win by 10 for both weeks, and for Hamilton to lose by 10 in both weeks, too?

Because that's pretty much been my strategy all season.

posted by owlhouse at 01:35 AM on October 07, 2009

Edmonton by 10 Saskatchewan by 8 Calgary by 5 Hamilton by 8

posted by apoch at 04:41 AM on October 07, 2009

Edmonton by 17

Saskatchewan by 17

Montreal by 6

Hamilton by 17

posted by tommybiden at 10:15 AM on October 07, 2009

Schultzie's Picks:

BC by 12

Sask by 6

Montreal by 3

Hamilton by 6

posted by Spitztengle at 12:15 PM on October 07, 2009

Edmonton by 7
Sask by 7
Montreal by 7
Hamilton by 7

posted by Mave at 01:09 PM on October 07, 2009

No mention of my six point week? The bottom needs some love too.

BC by 7 Saskatchewan by 10 Calgary by 18 Hamilton by 3

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 03:27 PM on October 07, 2009

No mention of my six point week?

Jebus YYM ! Solid week there sir !

The bottom needs some love too.

..........Nah, too easy.

posted by tommybiden at 05:10 PM on October 07, 2009


Edmonton - 41/2

Saskatchewan - 101/2

Montreal and Hamilton both - 61/2

posted by Spitztengle at 12:22 AM on October 08, 2009

Edmonton by 6 (because Buck Pierce stunk last week but they gave him the Friday Night Gladiator anyway!)

Saskatchewan by 19 (because I'm realistic, and sure that many others will be this week as well re: Toronto)

Montreal by 15 (because Smilin' Hank aint too smiley lately)

Winnipeg by 8 (because I so hate the crossover and this would help diminish its likelihood)

posted by Reever at 09:42 AM on October 08, 2009

BC by 4, Ed is not so formidable at home like they made out to be

Riders by 8, it should be closer than people think

Mont by 5, or a whole bunch depending on Burris & the de

If Glen plays then cats by 3, otherwise bombers could eek out a win.

posted by argoal at 04:14 PM on October 08, 2009

Saskatchewan by 7

BC by 4

Montreal by 3

Hamilton by 10

posted by JPR at 05:26 PM on October 08, 2009

these picks "inspired" by some of Canada's best wines ... live from the Okanagan and the Fall Wine Festival ... got me one helluva car ride to get back to E-town in time for kickoff tomorrow though ... but damn ... Canadian Football is great ... Canadian Wine ... now THERE is an export!!!

Edmonton by 11 ... they've just got to get back into form. I don't know who BC will have at QB either ... Buck's dinged.

I can't believe I'd even have to think about this one ... but desperate teams do desperate things. I wouldn't be surprised if Coach Botox doesn't can a few more naysayers before kickoff. Guy's a tool. Riders by 24.

Could be a blowout if Calgary and Burris haven't get their groove back yet. Could be a Grey Cup preview and a real gun-slingin' shootout. I am hoping to turns out to be one helluva ball game (sans Grey Cup preview though). Have to give a slight edge to the Als at home ... Montreal by 6.

Bombers run has been too good to be true. Sure, they've won a couple. TiCats are a better ball club that has just fizzled a bit of late. I'll give this one to the Tabbies by a healthy margin of 19.

posted by Spitztengle at 01:59 AM on October 09, 2009

Edmonton by 5 Saskatchewan by 9 Montreal by 7 Hamilton by 10

posted by j5v at 01:08 PM on October 09, 2009

Edmonton by 2 Sask by 13 Montreal by 18 Hamilton by 7

posted by rahilsuleman at 03:32 PM on October 09, 2009

B.C. by 4 Riders by 18 Montreal by 10 Hamilton by 6

posted by DrJohnEvans at 04:51 PM on October 09, 2009

I wanna rock and roll this party
B.C. by 5
I still wanna have some fun
Saskatchewan by 12
I wanna leave you feeling breathless
Montreal by 21
Show you how the west was won
Hamilton by 3
But I gotta fly

posted by MrFrisby at 06:26 PM on October 09, 2009

B.C. by 5

Sassy by 10

Monty by 4

Hammy by 14

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Thanks in advance for your patience, guys-- with the MLB pick 'em I'm a bit swamped. I'll have your pigskin pickin' post up tomorrow evening for sure.

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Awww crap. Sorry guys, it's been that kind of week. Will have them up tomorrow morning.

If time is tight for ya, please go ahead and make your picks here. I'll find 'em.

Fri Oct 16 Edmonton @ Toronto
Sat Oct 17 Saskatchewan @ Calgary
Sun Oct 18 Hamilton @ Montreal
Sun Oct 18 BC @ Winnipeg

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