February 26, 2003

The Pittsburgh Steelers have slashed payroll by cutting Kordell Stewart. "No athletic figure in Pittsburgh history has been more controversial. Kordell was so big, in his way, that he didn't even need a last name," writes Pittsburgh Post-Gazette columnist Ron Cook. "For the life of me, I still can't figure out why."

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Letter to Kordell: The Bears need you.

posted by Bag Man at 02:00 PM on February 26, 2003

Cook is playing all nice with Kordell now, but as a Steelers fan I have been reading Cook tear Kordell apart for years. Real easy to say nice things to a guy as he is being kicked out the door. Personally I like Kordell. Class act. He had that one bad day where he blew up at Cower and cried on the sideline, but he has been very classy. He has been supportive of Maddox and the team's biggest cheerleader. He didn't just sit on the sideline staring at his shoes. He helped get the team pumped up. I will miss that part of Kordell, but I think Maddox will do fine in the new system. I really think that in this day and age it isn't aways the players that make the difference on the field. I think losing Mike Mularkey would be a bigger loss. Thank goodness he wasn't lured away like all the other assistant coaches the Steelers have lost over the last 10 years.

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Kordell just isn't that good. He was overhyped by the Slash thing and he simply is not a good enough passer to live up to it. He put up with a bunch of crap, yes, but as Cook says, nothing was ever his fault. There are precious few teams to go to the Super Bowl with a QB as weak as Kordell. I still think his best season was due more to Yancey Thigpen than anything he did himself. And even if the people of Pittsburgh can be accused of racism (which I don't completely buy; Cliff Stout was treated much worse than Kordell. When Stout came back with the Birmingham Stallions of the USFL, Steeler fans went to the game simply to boo him), I don't think you can say that of Bill Cowher, which I feel Kordell implied in his sideline interview during the Steeler-Tampa MNF game in December. He may be a step up for the Bears, he may provide excitement for a bad team, but he's certainly not a QB to take your team to the elite level the Steelers felt they should have achieved (though they'll also need some semblance of a pass defense to do that).

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He may be a step up for the Bears, he may provide excitement for a bad team, but he's certainly not a QB to take your team to the elite level Point taken, but since the Bears cut Jim Miller (and I'm glad they did) Slash is a much better option than Henry "not ready for primetime" Burriss. If I spun the wheel, I'm sign Slash and then draft Byron Leftwich.

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Emmitt also got his walking papers today, Terrel Davis announced he intends to come back, and Griese was told to look for employment elsewhere. Barry Sanders must be rolling in his golf cart right now.

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I still think his best season was due more to Yancey Thigpen than anything he did himself. Um, Yancy was gone before the 2001 season, which was Kordell's best season statistics-wise and team record-wise. And considering Yancy did jack shit after leaving the Steelers (as did Neil O'Donnell) I would argue more that Yancy was overrated than Kordell. I would also say that it supports my opinion that the coaches are more important than the players when it comes to success. Kordell had issues with confidence, but he is a gifted athlete, and classy guy, who never got the respect he should have in Pittsburgh.

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Emmitt also got his walking papers today Source please? I am looking at ESPN right now and they are still reporting that he more than likely is gone, but there is no official word from Dallas as of 11 am on February, 27, 2003, I am pretty sure it WILL happen, but reporting that it DID happen is another thing. My guess is that Dallas will release him today, and be the first in line to woo Stephen Davis. I wish the Steelers would persue Davis. With Jerome Bettis on his last legs (yes, pun intended) the Steelers could use another power back veteran. I *love* Amos and Fu, but neither is as good as Davis.

posted by scully at 10:01 AM on February 27, 2003

terrapin - Mike & Mike (Greenberg and Golic, espn radio) were announcing it as fact on their radio show this morning. It was 4:30 AM local time and I was up-to-that-point coffee less so I may have missed the nuances...sorry about that. Seems like a done deal, though.

posted by vito90 at 10:10 AM on February 27, 2003

No problem, Vito. Just a pet peeve of mine when speculation is used in place of "news." :) Usually it is confined to non-sports stories, but nonetheless it is annoying. Not your fault. My issue :)

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terrapin - I bet you really loved the NY Post story about Koufax being gay then, huh? :)

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Vito90, As much as I loved the tales about Kordell being gay ;) Oh, and now it is official. Emmitt is no longer a Cowboy, and I have more reasons to hate Jerry Jones. I may dislike the Cowboys (as stated above I am a life-long Steelers supporter), but I loved Emmitt Smith, who seems like a great guy in addition to being one of the best RBs ever.

posted by scully at 03:21 PM on February 27, 2003

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