March 17, 2009

552: Martin Brodeur becomes the winningest goalie in NHL history.

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I totally hate the Devils despite living about 10 miles from The Rock (GO FLYERS!). But I have to give Martin his props. In this day, when players switch teams almost at will, the fact that Martin has won all his games with the Devils gives him added points above today's goaltenders.

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Glad you posted this. I'm still bitter that Brodeur helped take a Stanley Cup against the Stars, but the guy's one of the legends of the games. I didn't realize he was so close to passing Roy's record. Goalies seem to burn out faster than other NHL players, but this guy's a wall.

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The guy's the best ever, in my opinion, and barring injury should easily get to 650 if the young talent around him stays. It's gonna be some time before anyone gets close, but now that goalies are playing 70+ games a year, I'm not going to say it's impossible. Nice work, Marty! Now bring home Stanley Cup #4 !

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I didn't realize he was so close to passing Roy's record.

I kind spaced on that too. At the beginning of the season, there was talk, but then he got hurt, so the build up kind of went away. All in all, I'm glad he owns this record and that he will own the career reg. season SO record as well.

This article was in SI recently (prior to the record), and gives a little more detail regarding the relationship between Brodeur and Roy. Although both were extremely professional over the last few days, they are not the best of friends. Roy claims he is giving the same respect to Brodeur that he himself was given by the Sawchuk family. Which, given some of the more recent news about Roy, seems to be a pretty stand up thing to do.

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On a related note (well, not directly related, but it is about a goalie and a record, at least, and not quite worthy of a front-page post) - They honored Eddie Johnson during the Bruins/Pens game on Sunday and I'd never heard about his record before. He was the last goalie to play every minute of every game in 1963-64 (something that probably belongs more in the thread about unbreakable records, but that's a ways back now). And good show Marty. Even though I don't like the Devils one bit, they play much more exciting hockey than they used to (and I hope the B's don't have to meet them early in the playoffs, especially they way they're playing right now).

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My love of hockey has always been such that I was a goalie fan over and above any other single position. Dunno why, but I can downright despise a team (Avalanche), and yet love their goalie (Roy). So even though I hate the Devils (1995 never really happened, it was a crazy nightmare brought on by a mix of Molson and White Castle double-cheeseburgers), I've always been a Brodeur fan. He's arguably the best ever, and it's been fun to follow his career...

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