December 03, 2008

College Student Starts University Football Program: When Doug DeLuca enrolled as a freshman at the University of Vermont in the fall of 2006, the school hadn't fielded a football team since 1974. DeLuca changed all that by starting a club football team, raising $35,000 for equipment, negotiating a million-dollar insurance policy and finding 50 players, coaches, trainers, opponents and a place to play and practice. Now they're the school's official team. Go Catamounts!

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This is awesome.

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Man, I wish Doug DeLuca had gone to U of T instead.


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Wow. That is made of awesome. As are club sports in general. It's great to hear that they're making a comeback!

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I am not in any way a traditional student. Could someone kindly explain to me what a club sport is? Versus a JV/Varsity team? Thanks in advance and excuse my ignorance!

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Club sports are non-scholarship programs with minimal involvement of school officials. The Times ran a recent feature on them that explains how they're booming.

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Thanks for the link. I appreciate it!

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This is a tragedy! As a UVM grad, I used to proudly state that the University of Vermont football team had been undefeated since 1974. They even sold t-shirts in the bookstore that said that.

Seriously, this is great for UVM. They'd fit right into Division III's NESCAC, I bet -- Middlebury plays football in that conference.

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