September 17, 2008

CFL Pick 'Em, Week 13: Intriguing storylines continue to develop in the West, which is great, because the East couldn't be any more of a train wreck. Check the standings and find out whether you're more of a Western prairie dog or an Eastern city boy. And while you're at it, make your picks inside.

Has one division ever looked so much better than the other? Winnipeg, a heavy favourite to lose in the crossover sweepstakes, absolutely embarrasses Toronto at home, while the East's best hope is beaten convincingly in Calgary. Hamilton is the only bright spark, losing to Edmonton by only five. Also, B.C. finds an answer to Michael Bishop, and look out! Despite being in fourth place, the traditional powerhouse is only four points off of first.

ResultWinnipeg by 30Calgary by 11Edmonton by 5B.C. by 5
Margin of Error21 to 398 to 144 to 74 to 7

The even betting on the coin tosses produced some turbulence in the standings. MrFrisby bags a five-pointer to jump up to first place, but tommytrump manages two points to maintain the tie. Big weeks by JPR and owlhouse help to produce some separation between the front-runners and the rest of us, but not enough to let owlhouse sleep soundly at night. Or so I assume.

SpoFiteCGY @ EDMSBC @ HAMSTOR @ MTLSSSK @ WPGSPointsTotal Points
tommytrump Edmonton B.C. 238
MrFrisbyWinnipeg Edmonton6B.C.7538
JPRWinnipeg Edmonton B.C.4437
apoch Edmonton 136
owlhouse Calgary Edmonton B.C.5436
Ying Yang MafiaWinnipeg 135
HATER 187 033
Spitztengle Calgary Edmonton B.C.6433
The_Black_HandWinnipeg Calgary8Edmonton 433
Reever Edmonton 131
BoKnowsWinnipeg Edmonton B.C. 331
DrJohnEvans Edmonton B.C.7331
NoMich Edmonton 130
Folkways Edmonton 129
Monica Poland Edmonton 124
Anaconda Edmonton4B.C. 321

Three inter-division games this week means we're back to heavy favourites. This is the strangest stretch run I've seen in this league for a while.


Winnipeg @ Hamilton (Friday, September 19)
All these two teams have proven is that they're both capable of embarrassing Toronto. But both teams did look pretty good last week, Winnipeg in a blowout win and Hamilton in a tough loss. One of these teams is going to have a step up to avoid a crossover, but I'm not making the call on which one.

Toronto @ Calgary (Saturday, September 20)
The Cody Pickett era begins in Toronto, as the Don implements his "we have nothing left to lose unless of course Hamilton or Winnipeg start winning" strategy. Will it make a difference against a superior Western opponent? Probably not.

B.C. @ Saskatchewan (Saturday, September 20)
Another one for the TiVo. A Lions sweep of the home-and-home puts them only two points behind the Riders, and puts Saskatchewan's hold on first place very tenuous indeed. But it's going be a tall order in Regina.

Edmonton @ Montreal (Sunday, September 21)
This league has seen dozens and dozens of Ray-Calvillo match-ups over the past few years, and yet I have absolutely no idea what to expect from this game.

Good luck!

posted by DrJohnEvans to fantasy at 01:47 PM - 19 comments

Winnipeg by 8 Calgary by 23 Saskatchewan by 6 Montreal by 5

posted by tommybiden at 04:16 PM on September 17, 2008

Winnipeg by 10 Calgary by 14 Saskatchewan by 14 Edmonton by 3

C'mon spreads!

posted by BoKnows at 05:11 PM on September 17, 2008

Hamilton by 9 Clagary bv 7 Saskatechewannainon by 4 Montreal by 9

posted by apoch at 05:37 PM on September 17, 2008

Oh boy, my march to the bottom is officially in full swing. Oh well, here goes again:

Hamilton by 2 Calgary by 10 Sasky by 16 Montreal by 3

posted by NoMich at 06:46 PM on September 17, 2008

Winnipeg by 9 Toronto by 4 B.C. by 2 Edmonton by 5

posted by Anaconda at 07:40 PM on September 17, 2008

Man the Lifeboats boys! This ship is sinkin' fast.

Winnipeg by 6 Calgary by 17 Saskatchewan by 9 Montreal by 15

posted by Folkways at 08:56 PM on September 17, 2008

Is it one point for the spread margin and 2 points for nailing the spread right on? If so, I think owlhouse deserves another point for the BC game.

posted by BoKnows at 09:18 PM on September 17, 2008

Sir, you are correct! owlhouse scored 5 points this week, for 37 total. Sorry about that, owlhouse.

posted by DrJohnEvans at 09:33 PM on September 17, 2008

So just how do you field dress a moose? Winnipeg by 15. I have no idea what it means either, but I'm hearing a lot about it. Calgary by 11. Surely some Canadian politician can lay claim to the knowledge and practice? Saskatchewan by 3. Or, according to the Sydney Morning Herald, is your campaign entirely about bird shit? Edmonton by 7.

No need to apologise, Dr J. I'm not sure I would have noticed. And thanks, Bo.

posted by owlhouse at 08:13 AM on September 18, 2008

Winnipeg by 7 Calgary by 13 Saskatchewan by 8 Montreal by 6

posted by Monica Poland at 06:37 PM on September 18, 2008

Winnipeg by 20 Toronto by 5 Saskatchewan by 6 Montreal by 12

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 07:45 PM on September 18, 2008

Have you ever, ever ridden horses through a rainstorm? Winnipeg by 18 Or a lion through a busy street bazarre? Calgary by 9 There are many things I'd love to turn you on to Saskatchewan by 1 But somehow I feel they're safer where they are Montreal by 5

posted by MrFrisby at 08:42 PM on September 18, 2008

winnie by 6 gary by 10 sassy by 3 montie by 7

posted by HATER 187 at 04:30 AM on September 19, 2008

Hamilton by 8 Calgary by 14 B.C. by 9 Edmonton by 3 Freaking TSN2.

posted by DrJohnEvans at 12:05 PM on September 19, 2008

TSN's Chris Schultz has a pretty good record of pickin' the winners so far this year. Winnie by 8. My mind is kinda preoccupied with the passing of Ron Lancaster, among other things. Stamps by 10. I'm also a bit choked that TSN isn't broadcasting the Edmonton game in Edmonton. Riders by 6. Thankfully all is not lost though. EE by 4. There's still TSN Broadband, and Schultzy can't always be right!

posted by Spitztengle at 03:14 PM on September 19, 2008

ooops, I guess Shaw Cable has made some switcheroos to make the game available in Edmonton. Schultzy, don't let me down!

posted by Spitztengle at 04:15 PM on September 19, 2008

Winnipeg by 8 Calgary by 10 BC by 4 Montreal by 4

posted by JPR at 06:29 PM on September 19, 2008

The season's not over for the Boatmen, but it's looking dimmer and dimmer by the moment.

Winnipeg by 5 Calgary by 13 Saskatchewan by 3 Montreal by 6

The same could be said for my CFL Pick 'Em debut season...

posted by Reever at 06:32 PM on September 19, 2008

BLECCCCHH ... I wish now that TSN wouldn't have broadcast that EE game in the west.


posted by Spitztengle at 03:40 PM on September 21, 2008

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