September 14, 2008

Hidden: Battle of Powerhouses, Ohio State embarrassed: Southern Cal proved that they are the team to beat in NCAAF. Coach Tressel "We fought hard" ? They didn't put up much of a fight, i guess they will have to whip up on mighty TROY to prove how good they really are.

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I don't follow college football super closely, so feel free to take potshots at my opinion. That said, I've long thought that Ohio State and the Big Ten in general are both overrated (and I went to a Big Ten school).

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It's only September, and I don't think anyone is ready to crown USC national champs just yet.

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I think Tressel has lost the mental and emotional edge he had when OSU beat UM in the title game a few years back.

Maybe Maurice Clarett has put a "you'll never win without me" curse on the Buckeyes.

Meanwhile, Terrelle Pryor getting some playing time for OSU yesterday looked like he was put on this earth to play in Rich Rodriguez' offense. I don't know if Rodriguez will find or develop another talent while he's at Michigan that is more suited to run his system than Pryor. It must kill Rod to see that kid in red and gray.

The post-game attitude of OSU is the corollary to the narcissistic self-importance of Michigan with their football program - the concept shared by both schools that nothing in college football matters as much as the Michigan/OSU rivalry.

A deep loss to USC? So what?

It's interesting to revisit the film from a time when OSU had its way with USC. 1969 Rose Bowl. Other than OJ Simpson's hellacious TD run, it was all Buckeyes, with elements of both smashmouth and wizardry.

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For some reason I don't see this FPP on the front page, I accessed it by clicking on the 'comments' link on the left menu. Anyone else having that same problem?

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