September 01, 2008

Killer Kowalski dead at age 81: Walter "Killer" Kowalski dies less than one month after suffering a heart attack. Know as one of Pro Wrestlings greatest villains, Kowalski also gain notoriety for training Paul Levesque (better known as Triple H) and Joan Laurer (also known as Chyna)

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I grew up in Australia, but whenever we mucked around wrestling as kids, you know, doing the commentary and everything, one of us would always pretend to be Killer Kowalski.

And I still can't meet anyone called Kowalski without a smile emerging. RIP, big fella.

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One of the greatest wrestling villians that's ever been in the business. He was a little past my time but he trained some of today's top guys. Triple H has benefited the most from being trained by Killer Kowalski and if you watch Triple H, you can see the 'Killer' instinct that defined Kowalski's career.



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It was never sport, just entertainment, but when Killer Kowalski took to the ring, it was mighty entertaining indeed. I remember the televised matches during my late teens and early twenties that featured Kowalski. I made time to watch them, even though I knew that the fate of western civilization did not hang on the outcome. Just hearing the name brings back some pleasant memories of those times. He will be missed.

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He made the WWE(F) what it is today! He will be missed!

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Was a shitty weekend.

Phil Hill died. Kowalski died. Geoffrey Perkins died.

Fuck this past weekend.

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