February 03, 2008

A late week 24 and and on time week 25 update for the Spofi EPL fantasy footie.: I mega-bumper edition update.

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I mega-bumper edition update? I am inviting a new language. Anyhow, a very fruitful week 24 Overall Table

#TeamManagerWeekTotalChangeTransfersOverall Rank
1Ardley Athleticsquealy9014050247,511
2Phatcat FCgarfield95139003114,605
4Rollercoaster Titsworldcup200277130902269,842
5Hamburglar SVtrox79130701375,153
6Unsuitably Namedtselson79130202783,806
7Crap City Unitedgspm741285029104,493
8The Foreign Exchangeholden721277030108,299
9The UnNamedFence801263+18162,126
11Ball Booterscabuki811242+120219,908
12Yukon UnitedYukonGold721235-122214,647
13Dover Diversyerfatma761227019247,952
14The Bazooka JoesFat Buddha761216+121280,999
14Ladyboy's GartersThe_Black_Hand891216+221321,670
16Leonard Marx FCchicobangs481197-224254,312
17TX Kickin' DevilsTexan_lost_in_NY831195017370,339
18Salmacis FCsalmacis801190010376,246
19Mighty Redmenwalrus761165+419448,557
20Cutters Vmdb1671157+18443,919
21SpoFi Spursr8rh8r27521152-232411,976
22Laconico UnitedRicardo581148-119445,072
23Middle Pocket Llamasowlhouse501146-315424,364
25Hackney Hipstersskronk461124-125486,629
26En Fuegoetrader611058026757,517
27Buckeye FCJeffwa661047035806,832
28Slide Rulersgeekyguy6798704933,034
29AFX Argonautsafx237vi37887031,129,372
30Velocity Boysjasonspaceman468560101,201,194
31Liver Spotsrcade43816001,256,766
Global Average: 56 Global Highest: 114 Spofi Average: 69.0 previous update

posted by gspm at 03:32 PM on February 03, 2008

Recent Form Table

wk 24wk 23wk 22Overall
1Ardley Athleticsquealy86.331111
2Ladyboy's GartersThe_Black_Hand84.3411014
3Phatcat FCgarfield83.311352
5Unsuitably Namedtselson78.391726
6Rollercoaster Titsworldcup200278.011684
7The Bazooka JoesFat Buddha77.71210714
8The UnNamedFence76.771299
9Salmacis FCsalmacis75.0720318
10Ball Booterscabuki74.7622411
10The Foreign Exchangeholden74.7161668
12Crap City Unitedgspm73.0159137
13Mighty Redmenwalrus72.01261719
15Buckeye FCJeffwa70.32041527
15Dover Diversyerfatma70.312141613
17Yukon UnitedYukonGold70.01661812
18Hamburglar SVtrox67.7924125
20TX Kickin' DevilsTexan_lost_in_NY64.75202417
21Middle Pocket Llamasowlhouse59.72642523
21En Fuegoetrader59.722182026
23Cutters Vmdb157.318272220
24Slide Rulersgeekyguy57.018291928
25Laconico UnitedRicardo51.724272822
26Leonard Marx FCchicobangs49.727252616
27SpoFi Spursr8rh8r2747.325193021
28AFX Argonautsafx237vi44.731302229
29Hackney Hipstersskronk43.328252925
30Liver Spotsrcade42.330233031
31Velocity Boysjasonspaceman40.028312730

posted by gspm at 03:33 PM on February 03, 2008

That was the second highest Spofi avg this year (bested by the 70.0 in week 22. TX Kickin' Devils , Phatcat FC, Slide Rulers, jellyfish-in-trifle, Ladyboy's Garters, and Dover Divers all had their best weeks yet. I got a bit screwed up by the game week ending on a Wednesday. And I woke up at 6:59 am on Saturday morning realizing that I had not made the update and the first Saturday game was about the kick off. So I forensically reconstructed the data I missed (though the tooltips on the team names are showing the week 23 data).

posted by gspm at 03:38 PM on February 03, 2008

A not very fruitful week 25. Overall Table

#TeamManagerWeekTotalChangeTransfersOverall Rank
1Ardley Athleticsquealy4814530264,946
2Phatcat FCgarfield5614460336,341
4Hamburglar SVtrox521359+11360,389
5Rollercoaster Titsworldcup2002451354-12467,194
6Unsuitably Namedtselson51135302868,789
7Crap City Unitedgspm411326031109,811
8The Foreign Exchangeholden481325033111,611
10The UnNamedFence311294-19172,260
11Ball Booterscabuki391281021203,564
12Yukon UnitedYukonGold441279024208,756
13Dover Diversyerfatma431270021231,105
14Ladyboy's GartersThe_Black_Hand471259024260,390
15Leonard Marx FCchicobangs591256+124268,480
16The Bazooka JoesFat Buddha301246-222296,154
17Salmacis FCsalmacis431233+110332,405
18TX Kickin' DevilsTexan_lost_in_NY351230-119341,926
19Cutters Vmdb1521209+18403,929
20Laconico UnitedRicardo571205+219416,928
21Middle Pocket Llamasowlhouse561202+215425,738
22Mighty Redmenwalrus331198-320438,458
23SpoFi Spursr8rh8r27401192-232457,333
24Hackney Hipstersskronk471171+126521,730
26En Fuegoetrader471105026718,528
27Buckeye FCJeffwa501097036741,328
28Slide Rulersgeekyguy29101609950,725
29AFX Argonautsafx237vi23910031,166,360
30Velocity Boysjasonspaceman238790101,217,706
31Liver Spotsrcade45861001,243,855
Global Average: 41 Global Highest: 95 Spofi Average: 43.8 previous update

posted by gspm at 03:46 PM on February 03, 2008

Recent Form Table

wk 25wk 24wk 23Overall
1Ladyboy's GartersThe_Black_Hand72.3124114
2Phatcat FCgarfield72.031132
3Ardley Athleticsquealy68.3103111
6Rollercoaster Titsworldcup200264.3151165
7Unsuitably Namedtselson63.789176
8Buckeye FCJeffwa62.7920427
9Yukon UnitedYukonGold62.31816612
10Crap City Unitedgspm61.7221597
11The Foreign Exchangeholden61.01016168
11Dover Diversyerfatma61.020121413
14Mighty Redmenwalrus60.02612622
15Hamburglar SVtrox59.769244
16Middle Pocket Llamasowlhouse59.3326421
17The UnNamedFence59.02771210
18Salmacis FCsalmacis58.72072017
19The Bazooka JoesFat Buddha58.328121016
20Ball Booterscabuki57.32462211
21TX Kickin' DevilsTexan_lost_in_NY57.02552018
22Cutters Vmdb155.06182719
23En Fuegoetrader54.712221826
24Laconico UnitedRicardo53.72242720
25Leonard Marx FCchicobangs51.31272515
26SpoFi Spursr8rh8r2749.023251923
27Hackney Hipstersskronk46.712282524
28Slide Rulersgeekyguy45.729182928
28Liver Spotsrcade45.715302331
30AFX Argonautsafx237vi32.730313029
31Velocity Boysjasonspaceman30.030283130

posted by gspm at 03:46 PM on February 03, 2008

"I am inviting a new language." Man, I should just stop.

posted by gspm at 03:48 PM on February 03, 2008

Cool. Thanks. Has anyone noticed the thriling season long battle taking place between places 19-24? What? Oh.

posted by owlhouse at 03:52 PM on February 03, 2008

If I could have just left my hands off the switch and left my captain the same as last game day I'd have been the top scorer this week and moved up two more spots. But of course that isn't how I roll.

posted by billsaysthis at 05:01 PM on February 03, 2008

My gosh, this week, I have reached my apotheosis. My beloved fantasy team is sat at #5, just like my beloved Liverpool, staring lovingly as the gap between us and the #1 and #2 spots grows nigh-unbreachable. And so it shall be. Amen.

posted by worldcup2002 at 10:15 PM on February 04, 2008

Can't shake that pesky garfield off my tail so I'll just have to copy his team instead. Mwahahaha.

posted by squealy at 09:34 AM on February 05, 2008

How did I win this week? I made no changes again, and Liverpool is sucking like a jet engine. The one week out of the last three I actually do make a transfer and muck wwith my lineup, I go in the tank even more than otherwise. Clearly, less is more. I freely admit I don't know what the hell I'm doing.

posted by chicobangs at 10:37 AM on February 05, 2008

I hope you're right, chico. I won't be around for a couple weeks, so the good ship garfield will be asea with no one at the wheel. You can breathe easy squealy...unless Wheater scores 20 this week.

posted by garfield at 01:33 PM on February 05, 2008

Ok. I've used my transfer wild card and am loaded for my ascent.

posted by geekyguy at 08:03 PM on February 07, 2008

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