January 26, 2008

2008 Nascar Fantasy Racing: Anyone up for Nascar Fantasy Auto Racing 2008? Can't remember who set it up last year, maybe Weedy? Anyway, I'm in if we can get a crew. http://racing.fantasysports.yahoo.com/auto

posted by texasred to fantasy at 08:09 AM - 7 comments

I'd give it a whirl again. Since TBH lapped us all last year, I nominate him to set it up. He should also have to start from the tail end of the field.

posted by louisville_slugger at 07:04 AM on January 27, 2008

In the Car of Tomorrow, I'm untouchable. Give me a couple of days to set it up. It's a busy week at work.

posted by The_Black_Hand at 06:14 AM on January 28, 2008

Sounds good. I'll be looking for it.

posted by texasred at 06:42 AM on January 28, 2008

I'm starting it up. Thanks for the reminder. My username is RonRipple.com Watch for me!

posted by RonRipple.com at 01:31 PM on January 29, 2008

Watch for me! Oops.

posted by The_Black_Hand at 05:11 PM on January 29, 2008

How many people we got coming from sportsfilter.com? next weekend is the big daytona 500!!! let's get it started baby!

posted by RonRipple.com at 08:05 PM on February 05, 2008

I meant... we have 11 days

posted by RonRipple.com at 08:06 PM on February 05, 2008

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