November 08, 2007

Couple football related questions....: If a WR laterals after catching a pass to another player who goes for a score, is the QB credited with a TD pass? Then, if a ball is fumbled, is any advance from the offense after picking it up considered rushing yards for that player? (and would that make a difference between, say -- a fumbled snap and a ball getting jarred loose down the field?) Thanks.

posted by charlatan to gametime at 05:36 PM - 1 comment

It's not authoritative, but a game recap of the 1981 AFC Divisional Playoff Game (Miami vs. San Diego) shows a Hook and Lateral play from Strock to Harris to Nathan as a 40 yard pass from Strock. Again, it's not "official", but I'd guess the answer to your first question is "Yes".

posted by 86 at 09:55 AM on November 09, 2007

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