September 12, 2007

CFL Pick 'Em, Week 12: No more predictable division rivalry match-ups! This week makes or breaks playoff dreams, mainly in our little pick 'em but also in the CFL. Make your picks inside.

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Calgary edges out Edmonton to sweep the home-and-home and take the big upset this week. Montreal holds their own against B.C. in a game I didn't see. Michael Bishop looks like he's taken things to a new level, especially against Hamilton, and Winnipeg dominates at home to even up the series with Saskatchewan.

ResultCalgary by 3Toronto by 13Montreal by 18Winnipeg by 19
Margin of Error2 to 49 to 1713 to 2313 to 25
Steady week: the push was at 2 points. TBH rules the week with twice that, while MrFrisby scratches out another point to expand his lead to five.
SpoFiteCGY @ EDMSHAM @ TORSBC @ MTLSSSK @ WPGSPointsTotal Points
MrFrisby Toronto 18Winnipeg 338
DrJohnEvans Toronto Montreal 233
Ying Yang Mafia Toronto16 232
Spitztengle Toronto10 Winnipeg 331
owlhouse Toronto17 230
gspm 026
The_Black_HandCalgary Toronto12Montreal 424
apoch Toronto Montreal Winnipeg 321
After the division home-and-homes, we get a little mix-and-match to finish off the second third of the season. Some good coin tosses on the slate, too. WEEK 12 Montreal @ Edmonton (Friday, September 14) Montreal will be looking for multi-game consistency from Marcus Brady, and Edmonton may be easy pickings right now. But never underestimate the desperation of a team that's in danger of missing the playoffs for the second straight year. Saskatchewan @ Calgary (Saturday, September 15) Speaking of missing the playoffs, Calgary was in danger of doing so before beating up on Edmonton twice. But if they're for real, I think they have to put up a W this week, which will not be easy. Winnipeg @ Hamilton (Saturday, September 15) Casey. Printers. Toronto @ B.C. (Saturday, September 15) Michael Bishop has shown he can get it done against Hamilton without breaking a sweat. B.C. will be his first real test this year. Good luck!

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Montreal by 12 Saskatchewan by 8 Winnipeg by 22 Toronto by 15

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Montreal by 10 Saskatchewan by 18 Winnipeg by 22 BC by 8 Yes the similarity between my picks and apoch's does bother me.

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There was a security breach at APEC in Sydney last week. Montreal by 15. A comedy team from 'The Chaser' used a fake motorcade to get through two police security roadblocks and within 10 metres of George Bush's hotel. Saskatchewan by 12. Even though one of them was dressed like Osama bin Laden. Winnipeg by 17. The police were probably fooled by the Canadian flags on the vehicles. BC by 10. Or the fact that they didn't know what Stephen Harper looked like.

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Edmonton by 5 Calgary by 11 Winnipeg by 18 B.C. by 2 owlhouse ... priceless

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Obviously, I'm not infallible as a CFL point spread picker, but I'm pretty convinced that the line-maker at SportSelect was sniffin' glue this week prior to setting these spreads. Agreed, the EE should play like their backs are against the wall, but my allegiance to this team has blurred my vision too much as of late (part of my mid-season slump). They just don't have that killer instinct and the Als are hot to trot on the heels of Sweetness Jr. I'll be taking the Als by 11. Calgary favored over the Riders because they put back-to-back wins over the lowly Esks??? Not a chance. Riders will continue their quest for le Coupe Grey in championship style. Saskatchewan by 17. Here's where SS might have at least picked the right favorite. The signing of CP doesn't translate to a sudden turnaround for the Tabbies, Bombers should take this one in a landslide. Winnie by 24. Once again, I don't even know who is starting for the Leos this week, but they're at home, they need to stay in the hunt if they're gonna have a shot at defending the crown. It shouldn't be close, but this might be the only squeaker this week. Lions by 3.

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The Chaser at APEC.

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Montreal by 4 Calgary by 8 Hamilton by 7 Toronto by 11

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Monty by 12 Sassy by 7 Winny by 15 Michael Bishop by 8

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Als by 12 Stamps by 15 Ticats by 9 Lions by 13

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So maybe SportSelect wasn't completely goofy on fumes when they pegged the EE as faves?!?! MrFrisby, there's a reason why you're at the top of this leaderboard. Nice pick.

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