July 03, 2007

CFL Pick 'Em, Week 2: Looking to one-up TBH's 2006 first-week record-setting points-getting, Folkways goes the flashy route and nails the tie. Make your picks inside!

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Not bad, not bad at all. Toronto keeps it close and entertaining in a loss to B.C., Winnipeg and Edmonton fight to a wacky tie, Saskatchewan makes an early statement in Montreal, and Hamilton reassures us that some things just don't change.

ResultB.C. by 2TieSaskatchewan by 9Calgary by 28
Margin of Error1 to 30 to 06 to 1220 to 36
I hope Folkways manages to make it back for the rest of the season, because nailing a tie in a CFL pick 'em is no easy feat. No, sir. The rest of the points were a little on the low side because, well, there was a tie, so nobody besides Folkways had anything to show for it.
SpoFiteBC @ TORSWPG @ EDMSSSK @ MTLSHAM @ CGYSPointsTotal Points
FolkwaysB.C. Tie0 44
Spitztengle Saskatchewan8Calgary 33
Ying Yang MafiaB.C. Saskatchewan Calgary 33
dflemingB.C. Calgary 22
DrJohnEvansB.C. Calgary 22
gspmB.C. Calgary 22
MrFrisbyB.C. Calgary 22
owlhouse 9Calgary 22
The_Black_Hand Calgary 11
WeedyMcSmokey Calgary 11
apoch 00
This week features a bunch of CFL teams playing a bunch of other CFL teams, with storylines which will become more obvious as the season goes on! WEEK 2 Montreal @ Winnipeg (Thursday, July 5) Montreal looked terrible against Saskatchewan, and will be hoping to re-focus on the road, because there's nothing else to do in Winnipeg. Meanwhile, the Blue Bombers don't know how to feel after a rare tie last week. Edmonton @ B.C. (Friday, July 6) B.C. hopes that last week's first half offensive meltdown was just the rust shaking off. Also, they'll have to work on some serious special teams issues. Despite that, they're still the favourite here. Toronto @ Hamilton (Saturday, July 7) The eternal rivalry continues, much to the delight of Pinball Clemons, who knows that any of his quarterbacks could probably beat Hamilton. Heck, Noel Prefontaine could take the snaps and probably beat Hamilton. Also, it looks like Damon Allen will be the third-string this week. Suspense! Intrigue! Yellow bumblebee uniforms! Calgary @ Saskatchewan (Sunday, July 8) Two Western teams return home after clean and effective wins over Eastern foes. Look for this game to be a barnburner with no fewer than 6 turnovers per team. Good luck!

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Winnipeg by 10 BC by 8 Toronto by 22 Saskatchewan by 12

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Well, on the bright side, I can't do worse than last week. Winnipeg by 7 BC by 10 Toronto by 3 Saskatchewan by 13

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hmmm ... some common trends appearing already in this week's picks. I'm gonna join the club and pick the 'peg by 8. The Bombers are serious contenders this year, in my mind anyway. As much as it hurts to go against the EE, I've gotta take the Leos by three. This one is gonna be a war, comin' down to a field goal (to win in overtime? ... only in the CFL!) Hamilton is going to have a better outing this week, but they'll still fall short. Argos by six. The final west-west match-up is gonna be a high scoring affair this week. But I think the home squad is gonna be able to ride out the stampede. Riders by three.

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Winnipeg by 9 (I got some photos in an email, you know.) BC by 5 (Carrie's getting married.) Toronto by 12 (To another Canadian.) Saskatchewan by 11 (I don't think he's from Edmonton.)

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Montreal by 4 BC by 3 Toronto by 6 Saskatchewan by 8 As always, Friday Night Football is brought to you by Wendy's. Wendy's - where the burgers are fresh, never frozen... Goddamn little fuckers: I can never eat less than three.

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Canadian 'ball Causes my heart so much pain Please, God, a good week. Montreal by 6 B.C. by 4 Toronto by 8 Sasky by 10 Dave Thomas' corpse is kept in the freezer at the Wendy's on Bayville Blvd. in Atlantic City, NJ.

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TBH, that's reassuring. It means I can stop avoiding Wendy's because of my fear of eating Dave.

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I moved a couple months ago, into a neighbourhood with no Wendy's. During last week's season opener, I was shaking from withdrawal. Who says sponsorship doesn't work? Winnipeg by 2 B.C. by 21 Toronto by 10 Calgary by 4

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Winnipeg by 15 BC by 12 Toronto by 5 Calgary by 8

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Winnipeg by 7 B.C. by 14 Toronto by 3 Saskatchewan by 6 And remember kids, avoid the Noid.

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BC by 8 Toronto by 7 Winnipeg by 4 Calgary by 7

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