February 22, 2006

Competition: - Calling all Googleheads and football fans. I met a guy in a bar last week who once played for the NY Jets and I'm dying to find out who he was [more inside].

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You haven't given us much to go on. Was he seven inches tall? Was it Michael King?

posted by gspm at 07:55 AM on February 24, 2006

I guess: Joe Namath. Was it him?

posted by Amateur at 09:13 AM on February 24, 2006

We want more [inside]!

posted by DrJohnEvans at 09:29 AM on February 24, 2006

It was Al Toon.

posted by NoMich at 09:42 AM on February 24, 2006

Sorry! Forgot to come back and update this when things got fixed. Here's what I know: 1) His first name is Don 2) He's about early fifties I'd guess, but he loved his red wine, so may be slightly younger (or older, depending on which medical theory is popular this week about red wine). 3) He played for the Jets, but now lives in Orlando. 4) He's a member at Bay Hill (so is worth a few dollars) 5) He crashed his car one night after a long night on the red wine in the Locker Room at Bay Hill - as a consequence, he can hardly walk. 6) He doesn't like curling. 7) He isn't a good card player. 8) He has something to do with a new magazine that was being launched in Orlando on 16th Feb. That's about all I have!

posted by JJ at 11:10 AM on February 24, 2006

Is it Don Maynard? He's a bit old (71), but may have invested his cash well and is in the HoF so might have some clout to back a new magazine. How about Don Buckey? He's closer to the age (53), but he only played 4 games in the NFL. Possibly Donald Dykes? Right age (50ish), played 3 seasons in the NFL. Donnie Elder? Not old enough and played only one season with the Jets. Just skimming the Jets' rosters for the time period of 1971-1985 and those are the only "Don" or "Donalds" I could find.

posted by grum@work at 12:58 PM on February 24, 2006

I met Mr. Maynard about 15 years ago in a bar in Midland, Texas. What I noticed before I recognized his face was his super bowl ring. Also, he was still quite fit for his age,if not thin looking. A very nice gentleman, with a touch o' Texas twang to his voice.

posted by mjkredliner at 03:38 PM on February 24, 2006

I'm going to say it was Don Buckey - but he's not looking quite like this anymore. That player profile would make sense too - his pal was more keen to talk about the fact that he'd played for the Jets than he was himself. Those stats (and the Sports Illustrated cover) make me think "college star that didn't quite make it in the pros" Thanks for your help grum! I think we found him. (It definitely wasn't Don Maynard - he's the sort of legend that no one would need to say that he used to play football)

posted by JJ at 08:21 AM on February 25, 2006

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