January 26, 2004

Ask SpoFi: How are the pairings determined in tournaments like the FA and UEFA Cups and the CL? I don't see much in the way of, say, seeding or a completely pre-determined structure (such as we have in the Big Dance).

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I believe you'll find the FA Cup Answer here in sections 5-8.

posted by lilnemo at 02:46 PM on January 26, 2004

And UEFA here. [Warning PDF]

posted by lilnemo at 02:50 PM on January 26, 2004

And CL here. [Warning PDF]

posted by lilnemo at 02:53 PM on January 26, 2004

Simply put, the Premier League teams don't have to enter the FA Cup until the Third Round (and there's rounds before any of the league teams join in as well). That aside it's drawn randomly. Ack. Just moved over to Mozilla Firbird and there's no handy little buttons for bold, italic and link. :(

posted by squealy at 03:28 PM on January 26, 2004

Err, the big dance?!

posted by StarFucker at 03:38 PM on January 26, 2004

The NCAA Basketball tourney.

posted by lilnemo at 03:42 PM on January 26, 2004

Yep. I remember when one of my friends' team (Solihull Borough) got to the first round of the FA Cup. Yes that's the first round - they had to play about 7 matches previous to that in order to qualify! Squealy - just use <b> and <i> like the rest of us ;p

posted by BigCalm at 04:06 PM on January 26, 2004

C'mon Brits, enlighten us with some stuff about the FA Cup draw and the radio coverage it gets (or got or whatever). Talk about drama!

posted by gspm at 04:20 PM on January 26, 2004

Well, it's been recently shifted back to it's monday afternoon slot (1:30 I think) where it used to be back in the early eighties and before. The idea I think is that you have a brief respite (e.g. Hurrah we beat Milton Keynes!) before hearing that your next opponents are a bunch of no-hoper Yorkshire side (e.g. Sunderland). (am I taking the piss enough here?). In the *old* days, people would gather round the radio to listen to the draw, but these days it's all internet, ceefax or telly - it's never going to be the same again. That said, I love the FA Cup (even though the Villa are out of it now), I love the fact that the *romance* is there - no matter what level you play at, given the chance, you could win the cup. Taking it an extension further, a non-league (amateur) side could, in theory, win the FA Cup, then EUFA cup. Not that that's likely to happen I know, but the pathway is there.

posted by BigCalm at 04:47 PM on January 26, 2004

linemo, thanks. I guess 8a had the FA Cup answer I was looking for. To follow up, then, by draw the rules mean something like "throw little bits of paper with erach team's name on one into a hat and pick them out in pairs." Yes? Would explain why now, in the 5th round, we get two EPL teams matched in one tie while two non-EPL teams are matched elsewhere, rather than the top teams getting the bottoms. Kinda nice but would not go over well in the States, I think.

posted by billsaysthis at 05:19 PM on January 26, 2004

Almost bill, except it's balls with numbers on them not bits of paper. Ahem. [rant mode] One thing that does piss me off is that radio commentators like Alan Green on Radio 5 were going on about how great it was that the draw had been moved back to Monday afternoons. When a listener phoned in to say it meant that all those of us with jobs wouldn't be able to listen he just responded by saying we should "get to a tv, get to a radio". Hmmm. Not a possiblility for most of us Greenie. But then what would you know about the real world you ivory-tower dwelling, egotistical twat? [/rant mode]

posted by squealy at 05:50 PM on January 26, 2004

I agree with squealy.

posted by dng at 05:58 PM on January 26, 2004

Where do i get one of these ivory towers?

posted by StarFucker at 08:09 PM on January 26, 2004

Ivory Tower. Only $13.88 plus tax and shipping at Walmart.

posted by dusted at 08:18 PM on January 26, 2004

Squealy, from your comment it seems like you were listening, work or not.

posted by billsaysthis at 10:52 PM on January 26, 2004

You bluddy twonkers! I'm just chuffed that Liverpool beat Newcastle and are on to the next round. That Cheyrou lad has been a bit of a surprise, he has.

posted by worldcup2002 at 11:20 PM on January 26, 2004

Perhaps topical here if the FA Cup is up for discussion: FA Cup - If the clubs don't care about it, why should the fans?

posted by gspm at 01:15 AM on January 27, 2004

Squealy old chap, Green is the biggest tosspot on the radio, apart from the entire talksport station. And Edwina Curry. Oh, and Fi Glover, and Simon Mayo. And Lawro. Plus a few others. But he's right up there. One of the great ones. Actually, the biggest tosspot on the radio is that posh git, Johnny Vaughan.

posted by Fat Buddha at 02:45 AM on January 27, 2004

I like Alan Green - he's a no nonsense commentator - I might not agree with everything he's saying but at least he's honest and forthright. If a game is rubbish, he'll say it's rubbish, and I'd much rather have him say that rather than Big Fat Ron desperately trying to cover for the fact that 2 hours of prime time terrestrial telly has just been wasted by a dull football game. You're right about Edwina Curry though (and Johnny Vaughan). Can I add to FB's list Mark Chapman and Steve Claridge?

posted by BigCalm at 03:18 AM on January 27, 2004

Graham Taylor is the worst. Why in the world would anyone want to listen to Graham Taylor?

posted by dng at 04:40 AM on January 27, 2004

Sorry bill/sherlock, but he said it on a Saturday evening after the commentary on an FA Cup tie. If we're talking tosspots on radio and tv, my vote goes to that smug, name-dropping twat David Mellor. I actually stopped listening to 606 wbilst he was presenting it. Oh, and Trevor "I'll just tell you what you just saw in an incredibly tedious droning voice" Francis. I'm sorry Clamster, but Steve Claridge? The only reason you've picked him is because he used to be play for the Blues.

posted by squealy at 04:42 AM on January 27, 2004

David Mellor, followed by Richard Littlejohn, kind of killed off 606 for me. I probably haven't listened to it for about five years.

posted by dng at 04:58 AM on January 27, 2004

I'd honestly forgotten Claridge was a blues player...You're right about David Mellor and Graham Taylor. Big praise goes to Jonathan Pearce for being bloody fabulous; oh and Stuart Hall, for making Manchester City games sound like epic 13th century battles.

posted by BigCalm at 06:12 AM on January 27, 2004

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