January 08, 2004

This is awful picky but what's the chance we could get a recently posted/recent comments sidebar like over here? It's real useful for keeping really old discussions fresh whenever you feel like rediscussing them... as pivo was asking for here. I don't know how hard this is to implement, but it looks fairly straightforward...

posted by forksclovetofu to feature requests at 04:08 PM - 7 comments

Been there, asked that. Reload the feature request cannon! Eventually we'll knock down the wall of NothingHappensness.

posted by gspm at 05:45 PM on January 08, 2004

We are planning a structural overhaul soon. As you know, these things take time and must be carefully executed. But patient grasshopper. Soon you will taste the sweet fruit of progress.

posted by jacknose at 09:41 AM on January 09, 2004


posted by forksclovetofu at 10:08 AM on January 09, 2004

Pomegranate. Definiteley pomegranate. (wow, check out this feature request thread. a response from the management after two comments and then on to the nonsense! usually it takes longer to get to the nonsense and the management is nowhere to be seen!)

posted by gspm at 10:17 AM on January 09, 2004

As Daffy Duck once said, "Thanks for the sour persimmons, cousin." We appreciate your efforts, Pantheon. /buttkissing

posted by wfrazerjr at 11:52 AM on January 09, 2004

fraze: holy frijoles, someone got my reference! Hallelu!

posted by forksclovetofu at 01:42 PM on January 09, 2004

Andale! Andale!

posted by billsaysthis at 04:37 PM on January 09, 2004

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