May 02, 2003

SpoFi Fantasy Baseball League Update. This week's leader is Bag Man! [complete standings and trash talk inside]

posted by corpse to navel gazing at 09:10 AM - 21 comments

RankTeamSpoFi NamePointsChangeNotes
1The Bash BumsBag Man169+1Leads in K/BB, tied for CG
2Rockport Rassafrasswfrazerjr168-1Tied for CG
3Springfield Isotopesjerseygirl155+2Leads in RBI, tied for CG
4catfishcatfish151--Leads in R
5the showjbou149-2 Leads in W
6Creative Punch145.5--Leads in ERA and K/9
7London Monarchsgrum@work138+2 
8Albequerque Isotopesdjacobs133-1Leads in K and IP
8BlackTable.comwilliamfleitch133--Leads in SV
10Pedros PummelersPeteyStock120.5--Leads in HR, AVG, and OPS
11Da Hecklerzjmd82104.5+3Leads in WHIP, mover of the week
11ATL Crackhouse Gangtrox104.5+1Tied for CG
1337 Push Upscorpse101-2Bonehead of the week. Goddamnit!
14JackBootedThugsdjspicerack92.5+2Out of the basement!
15Spacemenjasonspaceman87.5-1Tied for last
15The Revs Levitestherev87.5-2Tied for last, but leads in SB

posted by corpse at 09:12 AM on May 02, 2003

Moving on up! Actually, it's going to be tough for me to move much higher unless I catch a break and have one of my starters throw a complete game at some point. That and I REALLY need Brian Giles to come back strong from his injury.

posted by grum@work at 10:58 AM on May 02, 2003

I like all the trade action that is going on in this league. It makes for an interesting season so far.

posted by corpse at 01:38 PM on May 02, 2003

Now that I have Randy Winn, expect me lineup to catch on fire.

posted by djacobs at 03:24 PM on May 02, 2003

Hah, likely. I had him and look where it got me.

posted by therev at 04:15 PM on May 02, 2003

i agree. great trade week!

posted by jerseygirl at 09:06 PM on May 02, 2003

Where is our commish? I think that there has been a trade waiting to go through for several days, and I'm in on one that was just set to go yesterday. I want my Torii Hunter! I like the activity in the league too. Great time so far!

posted by therev at 09:44 AM on May 03, 2003

here is your commish, and I think you're giving up too much for Hunter so I left it hanging so people could vote on it. Yahoo will process the trades automaticly if the votes are in favor, or yahoo will deny it if the votes are against it.

posted by jbou at 07:03 PM on May 03, 2003

You are giving too much. I thought you were going to get him back more or less for free, since you accidentally dropped him?

posted by djacobs at 11:24 AM on May 04, 2003

I was the one who accidently dropped him, but I assumed I wasn't going to get him back. I think therev is giving up too much, two solid players for hunter, who hasn't done much of anything this year.

posted by corpse at 11:43 AM on May 04, 2003

It's only May, eh? There are a lot of slow starters in the league, I'm playing a hunch that Hunter is one of them. Tomko is a terrible starter, I feel. Pierre steals bases and that is it. Torii is a 30-30 threat. How is that so lopsided?

posted by therev at 02:46 PM on May 04, 2003

I'd also like to point out that if you do vote no on this trade, be prepared for my backlash against the move later on if Hunter gets hot later and puts up the kind of numbers he has averaged the last 2 years. I've been a hardcore baseball fan for about 14 out of the 20 years of my life, I like to think I can spot a trend or two an swing a deal for a player that might heat up, so give me that chance please. This constant "you're wrong to make that trade and we should stop it" attitude is really leaving me with a bad taste in my mouth at this point.

posted by therev at 02:58 PM on May 04, 2003

Oh, i'm not saying you shouldn't make the trade. That's your and the person that you are trading with's decision. I okay'd the trade, I was just stating my opinion on it.

posted by corpse at 03:58 PM on May 04, 2003

Trades should go through, if something seems suspect of collusion, he commish can bring it to the table (the message board on Yahoo or here) and then we take issue with it. Otherwise, I'm beginning to feel this "wait and see what everyone else thinks" thing is really time consuming and unneeded.

posted by jerseygirl at 07:54 PM on May 04, 2003

I'm just following the rules yahoo has set up, if I put through a trade you all thought was unfair you'd be griping that I didn't wait for a vote.

posted by jbou at 09:33 PM on May 04, 2003

I agree with jerseygirl - I think 2 people should make any trade they want, as long as it doesn't stink of collusion. It's fun to kibbutz. I actually think corpse should get Hunter back for free. In the same vein, the Mets should get Everett back.

posted by djacobs at 08:09 AM on May 05, 2003

Giving up on Mo Vaughn already, deej? Aren't you glad you didn't trade Pedro?!

posted by jerseygirl at 08:12 AM on May 05, 2003

Mo's on the DL now...

posted by corpse at 09:10 AM on May 05, 2003

but he's make a strong comeback! anybody want to offer me something for him?

posted by corpse at 09:56 AM on May 05, 2003

You sure you're not a professional GM? :)

posted by jerseygirl at 10:47 AM on May 05, 2003

Corpse, I have a dirty jock in the trunk of my Mercury ... you throw in a prospect and you gotcherself a deal. :0)

posted by wfrazerjr at 11:15 PM on May 05, 2003

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