July 30, 2002

I downloaded the mozila 1.1 nightly (Linux, "natch?") and I was getting a Cookie.SMALL_FONT_SIZE error that I thought was site-wide, until I went home and viewed this lovely site on my TiBook. Anyone else have this problem? Is it Linux only?

posted by djacobs to bugs at 09:42 AM - 3 comments

djacobs: I've had very similar cookie problems on the 0.99/1.0.x branch with sportsfilter. It's incredibly irritating and only happens with this site. No clue what the cause is, though- no rhyme or reason or pattern, just happens. If I see it again I'll post about it. [Definitely Linux... the One True OS ;)

posted by tieguy at 07:13 PM on July 30, 2002

I'm getting it on Mozilla 1.0 RC1 on Mac OS X (yes, I know, I need to upgrade), but have no troubles with IE 5.2 (OS X).

posted by mcwetboy at 08:20 PM on August 01, 2002

"It" being the cookie problems, I mean.

posted by mcwetboy at 08:21 PM on August 01, 2002

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