February 14, 2002

I've been surfing the individual descriptions, and I'm sort of disappointed that very few people have filled them out. Go forth! Tell stories of nicknames and memorable games! Give me something to do when I'm burnt out! And link to them from this thread when you're done!

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As a start, my page.

posted by tieguy at 07:46 AM on February 14, 2002

tieguy, how about a little profile page wager on the duke-maryland game this weekend? the loser has to put something (agreed on in advance) demeaning to their team and/or praising the other team in their profile for two weeks. for example, if maryland wins you would to put this in your profile: "Coach Gary Williams is the zen master of ACC basketball. Since I am a Duke fan, you might assume that I am a molester of goats and that I fart loudly in elevators. You would, of course, be absolutley correct." i, of course, would do likewise if duke wins, substituting as appropriate. perhaps, you or our fellow sportFites can come up with something better to say, but you get the point. whattya say?

posted by danostuporstar at 08:07 PM on February 14, 2002

Sir, yes sir!

posted by kirkaracha at 10:38 PM on February 14, 2002

You got it, Boss.

posted by Wulfgar! at 08:47 AM on February 15, 2002

ok, until i lose the bet. (heh heh, read: never)

posted by danostuporstar at 11:12 AM on February 15, 2002

danostuporstar: sounds fine to me. :) To show that Duke fans are gracious, even in victory, I will allow you to select your own humiliating statement to post. Oh, and I'd say the loser leaves the statement up until the ACC tourney. Until then... may the most prolific sweater lose ;)

posted by tieguy at 04:41 PM on February 15, 2002

ewww... you're a fan of the Dog Gack Orange too? I'm not sure my mother would approve of me hanging around with the likes of you...

posted by tieguy at 04:44 PM on February 15, 2002

Ok, and one last bit of navelgazing: if friendly betting is to become a norm around here (and I think that it is a key part of a healthy multi-team community), is a post to the front page by the loser, with the news item, appropriate? Or does it stray too far from what the founders intended? Just a thought...

posted by tieguy at 04:51 PM on February 15, 2002

As long as the user numbers stay low, I think it a great idea, the more boldly humiliating, the better. But trying to resolve 15 wagers after any given Sunday in October might get a bit dicey, if the user base increases (like it will).

posted by Wulfgar! at 06:09 PM on February 15, 2002

dog gack? (until acc tourney is fine.) swell, we're on then.

posted by danostuporstar at 06:24 PM on February 15, 2002

Honestly, Wulfgar, I hope it never gets too big for that type of thing; my favorite board became so overwhelmingly popular last year that it really destroyed the quality of the place. It is still 'safe' enough that player's parents post frequently, as do alums. [Imagine my surprise when Jay Bilas responded to a post of mine where I said he needed to 'recruit a personality.'] But it just isn't the same- the new people did not heed the old norms, and generally flooded the board. mefi has suffered a bit from that too, though not as badly as, say, /. did as it got popular.

posted by tieguy at 06:34 PM on February 15, 2002

tieguy, from me to you.

posted by jacknose at 03:45 PM on February 16, 2002

Tieguy: Personally, I don't think settling a bet is a good enough reason to put something on the front page. Too chatroom.

posted by rcade at 10:22 AM on February 17, 2002

not this year, tieguy! but to show that terp fans are gracious, even in victory, i'll give you double or nothing ... maryland will go deeper than duke in the ACC tourney and you will keep the message in your profile until the start of next season. (or call it even if duke goes deeper) <rant> even in crushing duke, maryland got consistently screwed by the refs. the damn dookies get every close close blocking/charging call their way. arrgh. </rant> woo freakin' hoo, baby!

posted by danostuporstar at 02:21 PM on February 17, 2002

Ugh. Pathetic. Sorry, I don't bet with people who whine about refereeing. Especially if they are immature enough to do it after a win. That said, you won our first and last bet fair and square. Enjoy.

posted by tieguy at 03:33 PM on February 17, 2002

Enjoy. the sarcasm tags around your last statement show you are not nearly as graceful in defeat as you claim you would have been in victory.  yeah my ref bitch was lame, but it was lame because i provided no facts to back it up, not because i was whining.  why should i whine? my team just wiped the floor with yours, like jason williams did when his ass slipped on his own sweat. my timing for bringing up official bias towards the dookies was not not immature, it was calculated. by leveling the charge after a duke loss, i figured, i would not hear the 'whiner' word you people are so fond of attacking with whenever someone questions whistles obviously as faulty as a french chick judging pairs in mormontown.  alas, i overestimated you. look, it's a sign of respect: everybody knows that some stars --michael jordon, jerry rice, duke-- get calls because of their past accomplishments.  hell, even coach k used to say it about dean smith's carolina teams.  the only difference between my 'whining' and coach k's is his voice actually has that geeky nasal tone to it. so anyway, about user's profile pages. yeah i did enjoy reading your latest version. thanks for the chuckle. take it down whenever you wish.

posted by danostuporstar at 10:34 PM on February 17, 2002

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