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Bad lie

Should have tore the alligator's eye out.

(Reference, in case anyone thinks I'm a psycho)

posted by dirigibleman at 07:02 PM on January 22, 2011

NFL Sunday Ticket Will Be Available Online

Very tempting, indeed. Watching football's about the only reason I pay for cable anymore. Not sure the $350 will make up for the costs savings, but it sure would be fun being snooty and bragging out my lack of cable.

You won't be able to watch anything on Sunday Ticket that you can get on a cable channel (i.e., no Sunday or Monday night football or local teams).

posted by dirigibleman at 09:45 PM on August 25, 2010

Now that's a debut!

Ever notice that the Rays are always on the receiving end of this stuff?

(I turned it on in the 6th, heard it was 11 to [does it matter?], and decided I didn't need to hear the rest.)

posted by dirigibleman at 04:37 AM on August 08, 2010

Galarraga robbed of perfect game by blown call on last out.

So, is this the first 28-out perfect game?

posted by dirigibleman at 09:23 PM on June 02, 2010

MLB Fines Attention-Seeking Umpire Joe West

How the hell was this guy hired back in the first place?

posted by dirigibleman at 01:38 AM on May 30, 2010

Strange that no one's talking about Kelly Kulick becoming the first woman to win a men's Professional Bowlers Association Tour title

I fail to see how men enjoy any significant advantage over women that a woman winning a major bowling event is significant on a gender level.

If men don't enjoy a significant advantage winning major bowling events, why is this the first time a woman has won?

posted by dirigibleman at 10:27 AM on February 26, 2010

Florida State Lineman Remains Motionless for Entire Play

"I feel asleep!"

posted by dirigibleman at 09:29 AM on December 03, 2009

German MNT keeper Enke in apparent suicide

When I sat there seriously considering ending my own life and the best way to do it, I thought of my wife and children, and how sad and traumatized they would be whichever way I did it. And I stepped back from the edge that day and damn glad I did.

Whereas Enke thought about his wife and child and likely thought, in his diseased mental state, that they would be better off without him. After all, him being away for so long, in a career he was "failing" at, with no other way to provide for them, because what else does he know but soccer? If he was out of the picture, the threat of their daughter being taken away would be gone. His wife could find someone better to love her and help raise their daughter, someone not broken. After all, he couldn't even save his first daughter. Yeah, they'll be sad, but they'll move on, and be better for it. Hey, there's a train.

Or, you know, maybe he didn't think a single thought about them. I don't really know. To be fair, I doubt he really thought much about what he'd leave behind for the bystanders. I guess I just don't see the usefulness in getting pissed off at dead people for offing themselves when they were clearly in a very broken mental state.

Now, after writing this comment, I'm off to watch baby ducks in a bathtub.

posted by dirigibleman at 08:22 PM on November 11, 2009

Is It Time to Retire the Football Helmet?

I am wondering why everybody seems so concerned with protecting NFL players when of all the occupations I can think of, they have some of the best pay, benefits, and a player run union to fight for the rights and goals of their membership.

Well, they get hit in the head a lot, so...

posted by dirigibleman at 07:23 PM on November 11, 2009

Limbaugh, Blues Owner Make Bid to Buy St. Louis Rams

it's getting harder and harder to be a conservative white guy in America these days.

That's a good thing. The smaller the Archie Bunker contingent gets, the better off our country is.

Back when Rush made his McNabb statement, I knew he'd get a lot of heat for it, but the man was just stating his opinion.

"Black people should go back to Africa" is also an opinion.

posted by dirigibleman at 01:35 AM on October 08, 2009

Comments with Profanity


posted by dirigibleman at 01:00 PM on September 04, 2009

Redskins Sue Elderly Fan for Breaking Season Ticket Agreement

Oh, and to add sprinkles to the bloody corpses:

Team Genocide is the same team that, for at least two seasons, sold their tickets to scal ticket brokers before letting their loyal season ticket holders have a chance.

posted by dirigibleman at 12:39 AM on September 04, 2009

Redskins Sue Elderly Fan for Breaking Season Ticket Agreement

1.) Team name is a racial slur on a people that our government literally tried to wipe from the face of the Earth, by killing them all.

2.) They sue a 72-year-old woman because she can no longer pay for season tickets, even though she is a lifelong fan of a team with a name that evokes the near-genocide of a people and the taking of their land by force, by killing most of them.

3.) Team genocide wins, financially ruining someone's grandma. Oh, and by the way, the name of this team -- in the year 2009 -- is a literal racial slur on the same level as "nigger", "spic", and "kike". And this is a team based in the capital city of the government that tried to wipe said people from the face of the Earth, by killing them all.

4.) I hope you go 0-17. That's right, I hope you somehow lose an extra game. For the fucking Indians, and someone's grandma.

posted by dirigibleman at 12:11 AM on September 04, 2009

Blackhawks' Patrick Kane arrested

They were going to stiff him on the tip? That's a five-minute major right there.

posted by dirigibleman at 07:56 PM on August 09, 2009

Iranian Soccer Players Wear Green Protest Arm Bands

FWIW, while I love wearing Greek pastries on my face, I think WeedyMcSmokey meant balaclava (which I also love eating).

posted by dirigibleman at 12:30 AM on June 19, 2009