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Kyle Busch becoming a problem?

Agressive driving in this sport comes from it's roots, it's nothing new and it won't go away. Rubbin is racing as it's been said...when of course it's your driver of choice doing it and it's dirty driving when it's not your driver of choice.. Welcome to the world of NASCAR

posted by brothersgrim at 08:54 PM on March 11, 2006

Schmidt: McGwire should be in Hall; Palmeiro tougher

Those accused and not found guilty should go in without * on records. They didn't get caught and our opinions are just that..could be right could be wrong, without proof who are we to say...Rose...well we have plenty of less than morale upstanding players in the hall and baseball usuing this great player as an example is not right and he should be in the HOF. Which should be soley decided by ones performance and stats rather than the opinions of people...someone said I guess we all have our own opinion on this but we all know what opinions are like. We all have one. well I'd like to add that most of them stink

posted by brothersgrim at 09:21 PM on February 28, 2006

Ricky Williams Tests Positive for Fourth Time

azdano....Yes your spelling would indicate that you may have hit it a time or two....

posted by brothersgrim at 12:06 AM on February 20, 2006

Stewart's aggressive side resurfaces at Daytona

Well you have good taste in NASCAR steelergirl, the Intimidator was the man! and you couldn't be any more on target than you are with your comments on Jeff Gordon.....Not sure I go with your football team pick though..... Rusty also said Jeff came up the hill into Stewart...obvious to me...

posted by brothersgrim at 11:58 PM on February 19, 2006

Ricky Williams Tests Positive for Fourth Time

The tokes are why he is short on brains.

posted by brothersgrim at 10:39 PM on February 19, 2006

Stewart Rips NASCAR For 'Dangerous' Racing

NASCAR is ever changing and like many other sports will do what seems right at the time to maintain a level of competition. All of the comments I have read have value...take em off let em race...leave em make it more competitive...have to have them to stay safe chnage the rules to slow them down... I think bottom line is the way it is, is very exciting. 43 cars nose to tail changing places 2, 3, 4 times a lap bumping, grinding racing for positon, it's exciting and if not for the chance that a 10, 12, 14 car pile up, would we be so excited? I think not. Even if it doesnt happen it's the chance that it might, that it has, thats why they race and thats why we watch...kind of like a good horror flick

posted by brothersgrim at 08:53 PM on February 13, 2006

Stewart Rips NASCAR For 'Dangerous' Racing

What they have done is bunch the cars up with the restrictor plates. What it has done is allow a lot of cars with a variety of driver skills to be in a close group at high speeds, rather than the best drivers with the fastest cars leaving these folks behind. Rubbin is racing but not at 180 MPH... Without restrictor plates these superspeedway races would be less competitive and much less desirable to watch and that's why NASCAR has not addressed this situation which has been present for many years in NASCAR.. As for 3 well he won many of these races and his opinion was very similar to Stewarts that the restrictor plates are the cause of the "BIG ONES" at the superspeedways. It "RESTRICTS" the motor making the playing field more equal.

posted by brothersgrim at 10:30 PM on February 12, 2006

There's no excuse for teams to pass on black coaches

Who would be a candidate? Black or Red-Headed Put some names out there of those qualified and discuss that. Otherwise they are making a reality show for you to watch where blacks and whites change places which will give you some real racial things to discuss.

posted by brothersgrim at 11:25 AM on February 05, 2006

Emmitt Smith:

Fan.....didn't Farve have some issues with pain killers? What's difference??? Oh is it ok because DR gave them to him? Still wrong and not what I want my son to "LOOK UP TOO" Role models are "PARENTS" "TEACHERS" SPIRTUAL LEADERS" when it comes to personal life choices M.Irvin, and many others can be "SPORTS" role models based on their on field achievments as the HOF should be...I would want my son to have many of the attributes of PETE ROSE the way he approached the game and the work ethic, what my son would have to do is make better personal choices and that will come from my guidence as a parent and the lessons I teach him.

posted by brothersgrim at 09:45 AM on February 05, 2006

Emmitt Smith:

Really good players or household names, fan favorites? Irvin? He may be good enough to get in someday, but he is way down on this list. As for the comments on character....well I would ask anyone what does that have to do with the HOF in any sport, SHOULD IT NOT BE ABOUT HOW THE GAME WAS PLAYED rather than about a mans personal choices and mistakes. I'm not an Irvin fan I think some day when we have ran out of superior talent he makes it in a weaker class.

posted by brothersgrim at 09:42 AM on February 04, 2006

This is getting ridiculous

The whole thing doesn't work for me. Let's play the regular season, which is plenty of baseball, that is where the bread is buttered for these guys and where the fans will be day in and day out rooting on their favorite team and players. So let's play ball......from April til October

posted by brothersgrim at 09:20 AM on February 04, 2006