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Heat Eliminate Pistons in Game 6 Rout

Hey Shaq isn't getting any younger...kudos to the Heat...awesome game..

posted by rolandeblunt at 10:40 PM on June 02, 2006

Heat 1

My first thought is here comes 1-1, not off the mark to much, both series 7..anybody agree. Maximize that profit NBA ...

posted by rolandeblunt at 12:36 PM on May 27, 2006

Special teams carry Badgers past BC to NCAA title

sieve sieve sieve when the badgers score and so what who cares when the opposition does....i hope this is a great boost for Buckys gang...

posted by rolandeblunt at 06:16 PM on April 09, 2006

Brackets trashed around the country.

awesome game George Mason and their alums ..great victory.. i hope they win it all and they do have a chance ..underdog no more...

posted by rolandeblunt at 06:13 PM on March 26, 2006

Ricky Williams Tests Positive for Fourth Time

what a drag.... this is usual goody goody we have stupid refs and owners but oh my no player can smoke ohh the humanity...

posted by rolandeblunt at 01:33 PM on February 20, 2006

NFL 2006 Pick-Em Playoffs SportsFilter Lounge Day 2

Cats pitch a shut out.... congrats to Fox and his Panthers..... next stop Chicago

posted by rolandeblunt at 02:43 PM on January 08, 2006

NFL 2006 Pick-Em Playoffs SportsFilter Lounge Day 2

Eli just got Peperred...this O is 1st DWN and they goin 4 downs from now on ...over now finished the turn over was it....the nail in the NYD coffin... Mara turning over in his grave...LT gonna kick Eli ass ... who the NYG think they are JAQS or TB LOSERS...all them ... i pray that the NFL doen't expand PO these teams should be fishing..

posted by rolandeblunt at 02:24 PM on January 08, 2006

NFL 2006 Pick-Em Playoffs SportsFilter Lounge Day 2

Gaints runnin out of time...generally the team that scores at the end the half and the beginning of the second 80% wins.. add turnovers game over...the fat lady is warming up early...Panthers Vs Bears and the weather...

posted by rolandeblunt at 02:11 PM on January 08, 2006

NFL 2006 Pick-Em Playoffs SportsFilter Lounge Day 2

Eli is a chokin....

posted by rolandeblunt at 02:02 PM on January 08, 2006

NFL 2006 Pick'Em Playoffs SportsFilter Lounge

Skins kicked it now it time for a Florida team to win.....Go Jaqs

posted by rolandeblunt at 07:07 PM on January 07, 2006

Breaking Down the Classics with Orson Welles,

Coach is awesome i wish he would stream that stuff to us fans we would eat it up.....

posted by rolandeblunt at 09:47 PM on January 03, 2006

Badgers give Alvarez a goodbye kiss.

Awesome win ....Barry just plain made Big Ten Football...what it is today.... with some help from Bo Hayes and Freydon.he also made alot of NFL players too..all positions too.. Badgers in the NFL are kickers QBs RBs Oline Deeline Secondary Recievers.. now for me livin in lower Alabama rooting for Bama hatin Auburn...this is just too sweet...

posted by rolandeblunt at 07:02 PM on January 02, 2006

Leading FSU Tackler Suspended for Sexual Assault

Longest Yard 3..Florida State vs Penn.... goin be Guards vs Prisoners.... this time the prisoners all weak and malnurished...Lions roar....this irks me happened last year...#3 should play vs #4 or 5 not double digits...lame game...

posted by rolandeblunt at 11:07 PM on December 29, 2005