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Clinton Portis as Dr. I Don't Know.

I'm glad. I'm from Frisco and he played us and acted like a BEE-EYE. Feel me. For all the Caucasions in the room, that means he acted like a BITCH. And if your White and still like him, I know from first hand that he is prejudice and don't like white people. He has a cousin who dates and has a child by a white man and he is not afraid and does verbelize his dissatifaction to say the least on the matter. Basically he cries too much, which is probably gonna end up hurting his carrer, as well as souring his chances to be the the greatest let alone in the HALL. You want to know what the greatest or a true champion looks like just look at our JERRY RICE, you didn't see him doing that shit, even when he had to go through two different Q-Backs on one team. What did he do? He just made it so they would go to the hall just like him. Out

posted by Glacier at 09:08 AM on November 08, 2005

Panthers Cheerleaders Arrested after Sex at Bar.

I agree with ya boi. I'D HIT IT I still want to know who was on top. However, if I had to drink a six pack. I would start with, Eiessha then, Erin, Gia, Jenny, Kristen and then Kelly, not the red one. Out

posted by Glacier at 08:59 AM on November 08, 2005

Pete Rose, Jr. pleads guilty to drug trafficking.

Nice comment rdust. It's only GHB. It's being recreationally taken all over the country, at least on the coasts and cities. Its an amino acid which is allready in our bodies, thats all. We have this in us. You can drink one to four teaspoons depending on your body weight and it makes you feel like you had a six pack of beer or so. You take four teaspoons when you should have had two, all that happens is you fall asleep. Thats where the daterape sh*t comes in. There are people who use it for bad stuff. But that is with everything. For one thing girls need to be careful about what they drink. GHB also tastes like ocean water. It has an over the top salty taste. Bottom line is it's an amino acid with which we got in our bodies already , and it is not harmful to us in any way. When you over dose on it you don't die, you fall asleep. Basically, watch what you drink, and stop punk rapers by choking them out one by one as you hear of it, in macho stories that are told, here and there after the fact, where ever. I tried it a couple times but it doesn't go well with weed smoke, just makes you throw up, definetely not for me then. Out

posted by Glacier at 08:25 AM on November 08, 2005