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Artest Finally Dealt to Kings

A google search shows there are plenty of psychologists in the Sacramento area. With the right drugs/tratment, who knows, maybe the Maloof Bros. can get the help they need. This trade must be the result of some kind of panic attack or mental breakdown in Sac Town. Peja may be in decline, and somewhat whiney, but at least he's not insane.

posted by old school at 09:40 AM on January 30, 2006

Seven players

I agree with weedywhatever..... "In that respect, the T-Wolves got the better of the deal. Davis can have more immediate impact than anyone else traded." Not so sure Kandiman is a "cancer", he's way too benign (impotent) for that label. I'd call him a wart. While I love Wally's aggressive game, which is considerably toned down after missing most of last year with injuries.......T-Wolves get better with this trade, if ever so slightly. Both teams still need help. My dream team would be if Wolves somehow got Adam Morrison to fill the 3 spot next year. But I'm just dreamin. Prediction: Garnet goes down in history as best player never to win a championship (in good company with mailman, sir charles, etc).

posted by old school at 09:40 AM on January 29, 2006

Seahawks Soar Over Washington

You gotta love it when one comment starts a whole new discussion in a different direction. But let's face the music shall we? Soon there will be nothing left for teams but insect and animal names, until PETA gets all fired up that is...then we'll have to come up with something else. Remember the Bullits? How about the Generals? Too violent, too militaristic. I wonder if the muscicians union has complained about the Jazz team name.... certainly not the kind of vibes one would associate with milk toast Utah. (Oops, sorry, I've drifted into NBA territory again!) ...Go Sea-Slugs!!

posted by old school at 10:21 AM on January 16, 2006

if they earn it let 'em celebrate

Yeah, go ahead and celebrate, ya'll may never get to the end zone again, so act like it's the first time man, or the last time you'll ever score....show us all them funky dance moves, have the camera zoom in for a few crotch shots....shake your booty with the cheerleaders....how about dropping your pants and having some straight sex while you're at it! Let's forget about the rest of the team, all them big stupid linemen who made the play possible, let's just concentrate on the stars of the show....them ripped recievers deserve all the glory and attention for themselves. NOT! I say until the NFL cracks down and institutes a 15 yard penalty on the ensuing kick off for unsportsmanlike conduct the game will continue its descent into a WWF entertainment spectacle. Lombardi is turning over in his grave.

posted by old school at 09:20 AM on December 30, 2005

mutombo most generous athlete?

I just wonder how many of you sports post heads are actually able to let go of 10%? Charity is a matter of the heart. Unfortunately it is now also a matter of marketing, i.e. the latest NBA campaign. But that's fine, at least making a donation is still voluntary. If it was forced, it wouldn't be called charity anymore, it would be called a tax. Congrats to guys like Mutombo and Lance. Their generosity proves that even sports jocks can sometimes see beyond themselves. I doubt either of them craves a pat on the back for what they are doing.

posted by old school at 09:43 AM on December 09, 2005

Finally a "2ND" Scorer to Go With Allen Iverson?

So where do you play Weber? A power forward's got to love contact, and C. Web fails the test. (Have you ever seen C Web knock somebody down as they drove the lane?) C Web certainly doesn't fit at center either, not in the NBA at least. Dallas built their team around Nowitski, who actually works best in the small forward spot which provides match up headaches for the opposing team. But unlike Dirk, C Web can't pull that off. C Web, has yet to establish an identity. At first, Sac tried to build around Weber at the center spot, when that didn't work they moved him to power forward and then, like Dirk in Dallas, tried to play him somwhere in between power and small forward. When that didn't work they shipped him off to Philly.

posted by old school at 10:17 AM on November 16, 2005

Phil Jackson: Zen-aphopbic

All you knuckleheads missing the point....Charles Barkley says basically the same things, maybe different words, but exactly the same sentiment. And hey, why you think Magic gave up coaching? Old school can't deal with the "fuck-you-me-first" attitudes of the young and selfish. Too many young players got no respect for the players (black and white) who built the league and made possible these zillion dollar salaries and all those gold chains. And get real, there is nothing racist about Phil's comments, see http://rdu.news14.com/content/top_stories/default.asp?ArID=76301 Black kids acting dumb in school just to fit in with the gangsta culture, now that's racist.

posted by old school at 07:50 AM on November 02, 2005