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McNabb fires back at NAACP prez's criticism that he's "mediocre"

Mike Lawson/ Lunger sound like a IDIOT.... The President of the Philadelphia chapter/NAACP has brought a unwanted negative light to this great organization with his personal opinion.....This is not the opinion shared by the Chapter...and you have the nerve to say that black athletes keep racism alive...what planet are you from..... RACISM WILL CONTINUE TO BE ALIVE ..OUTSIDE OF SPORTS....WHY? Because most (White/Black, etc) are afraid to talk about the Past, current issue.... Donovan has been a great leader on and off the field....he has not made a FOOL of himself like Terrel Owens.... Remember WE NEVER GOT OUR 40 ACRES AND A MULE.....

posted by gmkirk at 08:50 AM on December 15, 2005

Ron Artest wishes to be traded.

I agree with most of the comments. Ron Artest is a self-absorbed, immature, ungratefull Ass. From day one, his ATTITUDE has been down right arrogant. Ron like terrel Owens (and others,,,) needs a reality check...there are so many young black teenage athletes who are training to one day get that opportunity to play in a professional sports....and not just black teenagers.....all shades of colors..... believe it or not...not for the money...... He's lucky this annoyed black woman not a owner of a professional team.......there would be many heads rolling on the chopping block

posted by gmkirk at 01:13 PM on December 11, 2005

O.J. Signs Autographs at Horror Convention

Rcade, willthrill72....get a clue.....As dyrams clearly pointed out..Nicole Simpson was not a Saint..She was known as a Cocaine User & Buyer.. It's interesting that your so angry at OJ,,, get angry at the LA Police for not calling out the Coroner to determine the time of death (Which is procedure in any state), instead assuming it was OJ...and relying on a Barking dog, along with A glove conveniently found below untouched cobwebs covering the scene.....And relying on a Loser like Kato... Why is it that everyone knew that OJ Simpson had issues in his first marriage, divorced after the death of a 3rd child, and married a 18 year old white woman. And at the end of the day, who has gain the most profit from this tragedy? Former Crack head & friend of Nicole - Faye who was paid big bucks for her "tell-All book, Denise Simpson... who as well is a former Cocaine abuser, and records show OJ helped her financially multiple times as well as her family business...Goldman father, who was not active in his son's life for quite some playing sad father...where was he at when his son needed him growing up? And I certainly dont buy the Hero act, of Goldman traveling to Nicole house to return some Sun-Glasses...Please....Ice Cream & Bathwater...with candles lit...sends another message....more importantly the kids were at home...and did hear there mother's voice & a male voice that was not familiar.... What about the little amount of Blood found on a pair of socks, and drops of blood on the seats & steering wheel dont have to be a rocket scientist to know,that Golman & Nicole were stabbed multiple times & there should have been blood everywhere...Goldman was no Punk...he was in good shape & held several Karate Belts ....even the Foresnic Experts agree on this... We have so much negative crap going on ...we have young men & women dying in Iraq, children hungry & homeless due to the recent Hurricanes... And yes, I am in my right mind....I'm not a follower..I lead... I made my decision after reviewing the lack of evidence, and the way the witnesses who saw strange group of men in front of nicole's house....where treated like crap...they had nothing to gain ...only to tell what they saw & heard...Get over it.....

posted by gmkirk at 11:26 AM on October 03, 2005