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Top 10 All-Time Point Guards

What's wrong with you people? I can name 15 point guards right now who are or were better than Tony Parker. This is my list: 10. Oscar Robertson 9. Mark Price 8. Kevin Johnson 7. Steve Nash 6. Tim Hardaway 5. Gary Payton(nobody played better D at point) 4. Dwayne Wade(fearless and still gets 6-10 dimes) 3. Isiah Thomas 2. John Stockton 1. Majic Johnson Stockton would be 1, but he only had Malone to feed.

posted by il trooper at 12:29 AM on December 03, 2005

Finally a "2ND" Scorer to Go With Allen Iverson?

I agree with RZA. CWEbb is a coaches dream just because he has a great outside touch. He does not mix it up, but he will give you 10 boards a game. His 18 footers draw the D out 18 feet to come and defend, thus opening up the paint. Recall how the Lakers went through hell trying to contend with the Kings in 2001? They had the perfect inside/outside game. The top 8 guys on the roster can shoot 15 footers and beyond. I think Webb is misunderstood. He is a small forward in a powerforwards body, who can shoot, pass, and rebound. If Philly plays him at smallforward, that is a hell of a matchup problem for a shitload of teams. And yeah, Philly is a legitimate threat, especially when Dalembart gets back.

posted by il trooper at 09:19 PM on November 16, 2005

Over the Hill

Gotta agree with you there, b4. Grant Hill was hailed as the next Scottie Pippen early in his carrer, minus the defense nobody plays anymore. He could pass, shoot, and take it to the hole strong. Anybody remember the playoffs against the Heat a few years back when Hill first hurt his ankle? He was flirting with 30 points a game through the playoffs, and was the reason the Pistons took that series 7 games.

posted by il trooper at 08:22 PM on October 24, 2005