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Has Katrina ended the Saints season before it started?

rcade, I am quite aware that this is a sport site but, do you honestly think that the people of New Orleans are READY FOR FOOTBALL?????? Da! These people have lost family members,friends, homes, pets etc. I also am sure that there are some players who are concerned about their loved ones as well. Give me a damn break, how can anyone be ready for football with such a disaster going on. One week is not going to cut it, New Orleans has a long hardship in front of them.

posted by royalgold72 at 02:00 PM on September 01, 2005

Has Katrina ended the Saints season before it started?

Quite honestly, I don't even know why we are even talking about the Saints! The people of New Orleans should be the major concern for everyone, at this point who cares where they have to play. They will come out of this disaster on point, but will the people who support their team each and every year????.... I have to wonder.

posted by royalgold72 at 10:25 AM on September 01, 2005

A message from God

I think that we need to keep this in prospective. The athletes should be thanking God for the exceptional talent that he has given them. Not for a win! Not everyone is given that type of talent, all God asks for is a little acknowledgement for what he has given. Personally though I really don't know what even posessed the writer to compose the article.???????? Who cares.

posted by royalgold72 at 11:36 AM on August 09, 2005

Breaking news: Raffi suspended!?

Well, well I guess everyone who doubted Jose Conseco's tell all book should probably take a better look at the truth! I knew that it would just be a matter of time before someone would get caught up in a lie. What an ass Raffi made of himself in front of congress and baseball fans every where. Raffi has made MLB look stupid with his comment that he doesn't know how the roids got into his system, what a joke. Maybe there should be stiffer punishment for those who testified in front of congress and end up eating their words. Liar!!!!!!! The truth eventually comes to light every time. The light is now shinning on Raffi, who's next?.....

posted by royalgold72 at 12:34 PM on August 01, 2005

McNabb insists he has no issues with T.O.

Listen, who cares if T.O. and McNabb don't get along! They are paid millions of dollars a year to perform at there best. I guarantee that it will be business as usual. Although, the media is going to blow the whole thing out of proportion. Please, Let's Get Ready For Football! I do believe however if T.O. is traded by some chance there will be shit to say, on both sides!

posted by royalgold72 at 08:28 AM on August 01, 2005

Hines Ward plans to hold out

Business is Business! Pay the man what he is rightfully owed. I will definetly hate to see Hines sit out, but the Steeler organization knows that they owe this man way more than what they offered him. Not only that, but Hines is a geniunely good guy, excellent player, and teammate. He IS about the Steelers, it's just to bad that the organization doesn't feel the same way. I stand with Hines all the way if he doesn't get what he deserves, I will be highly disappointed if he doesn't play......... Business as usual.

posted by royalgold72 at 02:26 PM on July 29, 2005

'Regretful' Ricky apologizes to fans, Dolphins

I think it's wonderful that Ricky Williams is back! Not only is it good for the Dolphin's but damn it is a beautiful sight to watch a man who not only looks good but knows how to take it to the end zone! This decision for the dolphins is one I am almost positive that they won't regret. Who cares why he has decided to come back, maybe it is for the money but his exceptional talent out weighs EVERYTHING! Please don't be a hater nation for a man who just wanted to find peace within himself and the earth. Let's get ready for FOOTBALL!

posted by royalgold72 at 03:17 PM on July 26, 2005