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Football fans are idiots

I'm a latino and a football fan,I've never like soccer even though people around still watch it,soccer is boring to me for several reasons,it's slow,and then you also have to wait so long to see them score,you watch 90 minutes just to see them not scoring anything.

posted by felville at 11:22 PM on August 18, 2005

Owens needs an audience for his show

Terrel has said that he doesn't need to communicate because he knows the westcoast offense,but it seems to me that you still some communication with quarterback for improvements or any changes.Mcnabb by now knows how jeff garcia felt.

posted by felville at 03:52 PM on August 12, 2005

He Hate Them

This guy is a joke,he names some of the nfl best franchises.I'm a huge rams fan considering they left us a decade ago.I Agree with one thing georgia it's a shrewd woman,stabbed us in the back.

posted by felville at 01:12 PM on August 11, 2005

Owens leaves after verbal spat with Reid

I rather take my chances on billy mcmullen,greg lewis,and rookie reggie brown,I know there not terrell owens,but at least they are not distraction to this team,and mcnabb has done well without a dominant receiver to throw the ball too.

posted by felville at 09:03 PM on August 10, 2005

Owens leaves after verbal spat with Reid

This Guy Is Not Worth The Time,He's A Distraction To The Team,The Eagles Don't This.Make A Trade,Get Rid Of Him.He Is A Great Player,And He Makes The Team Better.But He Is Too Much A Distraction.

posted by felville at 07:33 PM on August 10, 2005