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Sonics are Oklahoma City-bound

They were bad in Seattle they will be bad in OK city I believe that some teams are just not meant to be champions. like the bills browns astros rangers kings Kobe without shaq. Hey now, the Sonics were champions before. It sucks that they left Seattle, but I'm glad that weren't forced to stay through the trial. Once the team was sold to Bennett, it was obvious they were gone. I agree it was part-Schultz and part-Stern's fault. Schultz for running the team into the ground (Wally Walker ?!?!?!?!?!) and then selling to an out-of-state group and Stern for permitting the sale to the out-of-state group. I doubt he did much to try to convince Schultz to keep the ownership local. I don't blame Bennett, though. He put up the money for the team, so he should be able to do what he wants with it. He's done so pretty ruthlessly, but also legally (as far as I can tell). As a Seattle Sonics fan, I have a real bitter taste in my mouth - for now, I wouldn't even want a new team in Seattle.

posted by chamo at 02:24 PM on July 05, 2008

Joe Buck Prefers Bachelorette to Baseball

I still find Buck to be very good, even when working with a tool like McCarver. I think you just identified the major problem in this equation... McCarver. I don't mind Buck as long as he's not trying to crack bad jokes, as he does every once-in-a-while. I do think he is guilty of trying to build too much drama at times with his "what if" scenarios as Venice points out. Since I don't usually watch a baseball game from start to finish, I like when he fills me in on what I've missed. I, personally, like Survivor (guilty pleasure, plus sometimes hot girls in bikinis) and would rather watch that than sit and watch 3 hours plus of baseball. Overall, I would say that Joe Buck is pretty well-liked, even though there are a lot of haters. It's kind of like how A-Rod always gets picked apart for all he does, yet he always is the top vote-getter for the all-star game.

posted by chamo at 02:49 PM on July 03, 2008

Tiger Woods reportedly to miss rest of season

I'm just looking forward to the few Tiger-free months of golf coverage we can enjoy for the next few months. It would be nice to see somebody else build some momentum now and actually present a true challenge for Tiger, assuming Tiger can make a full comeback.

posted by chamo at 02:03 PM on June 18, 2008

Seattle Mariners (finally) fire GM Bill Bavasi.

Why would leadership that picked Bavasi in the first place think to pick someone like Antonetti this time around? I suspect the GM the Mariners finally pick will be another "chemistry and intangibles first" old-schooler who doesn't know how to stock the farm system while building the major league club by simply looking for the best value- runs, getting on base, defense, win shares- for the money. Even without sabermetrics, you'd think someone could find a way to get hitters to take a pitch every once in a while. The M's are full of Vladimir Guerrero wannabes, constantly swinging at bad pitches, only nobody on the Mariners can get away with it like Guerrero has for years. What a waste of a season this has turned out to be. I guess it could be worse; at least nobody is threatening to move the team to Oklahoma yet.

posted by chamo at 10:13 AM on June 17, 2008

WHAT GIVES, GUYS? Nelson says there's no problem, Davis says very little

There's got to be more to this than just being a coach's decision, whether it was the birthday thing or who knows what. I know Nelson makes some unconventional moves, but this isn't the first time Davis has had a crappy first half. It is the first time he's been benched for the entire second half this season, however.

posted by chamo at 11:59 AM on April 16, 2008

Where have you gone Darius Miles?

You're probably right, I was just throwing out my first impression.

posted by chamo at 02:57 PM on April 15, 2008

Where have you gone Darius Miles?

I guess the main thing is whether his career has really been ended because of the injury. The article brings up the fact that Miles can sign with another team upon clearing waivers. The article also states that it is uncertain whether Miles has the desire to play. If Miles does end up playing again, whether in the next two years or after, his injury couldn't really be classified as "career-ending". Maybe the league's intentions for bringing in the third party was to ensure the scenario I described earlier wouldn't happen, but my feeling is that David Stern is most concerned about taking care of team owners. That being the case, finding an outside doctor to proclaim the injury career-ending is very beneficial to Paul Allen.

posted by chamo at 01:47 PM on April 15, 2008

Where have you gone Darius Miles?

Though Miles has been waived with a "career-ending" injury he can sign with another team once he clears waivers. *knuckles to forehead* "If Miles does sign with another team and plays in 10 games in either of the next two seasons, his salary goes back on the Blazers' books." This sounds like a defense team in a trial going to as many "experts" as it takes until they find one who will agree with their side of the case.

posted by chamo at 12:36 PM on April 15, 2008

Jose Canseco Has 'Stuff' on A-Rod

I see a whole lot of people attacking Canseco's character, and very few attacking the substance of what he's saying. A denial would be a start. A convincing version of his side of the story would be another. Unfortunately, he's not a very convincing guy, even when he's telling the incontrovertible truth. But unless he's provably clean, he's gotta do something. We've heard for months that Canseco has had something on A-rod. The section of the book about A-rod from the blog doesn't conclude that A-rod really did anything. Canseco introduced Rodriguez to a steroid guy, but what happened after that? I doubt that every single person the steroid guy meets uses steroids. If this is really all the "stuff" Canseco has on A-rod, what's there to deny? I see no crime in being introduced to another person. And unless Canseco can produce taped recordings of A-rod's phone conversations with Canseco's wife, who's to say he was calling her to try to sleep with her? Maybe he just was calling for her recipe for peach cobbler.

posted by chamo at 02:36 PM on March 26, 2008

Are You Smarter Than a Tenth Grader?

So wikipedia informs us that a player that reaches base safely after an uncaught third strike is not called out. I've often wondered if a pitcher has ever recorded 4 strikeouts or more in an inning. Anybody know more about that?

posted by chamo at 06:08 PM on March 05, 2008

Yahoo Fantasy Baseball

My Oh My = chamo

posted by chamo at 03:16 PM on March 03, 2008

Michael Turner is ready for his chance to shine.

He's got to be better than what Shaun Alexander gave the Seahawks last year. Alexander showed last year that he's either washed up or doesn't care. It's encouraging to see Seattle listed as a possible destination for Turner at the bottom of the article. I think as long as he goes to a team with a decent line, he could easily gain 1,200 yards next season.

posted by chamo at 03:34 PM on February 27, 2008

A Crushing Blow to Yao Ming and the Rockets

Both Yao and T-mac are too fragile. The same thing happens every year. Just when it looks like the Yao/T-mac combo is about to dominate the league, one or both get hurt. And even when healthy, this team isn't good enough to compete with the best teams in the west. Sure, they're on a big win streak, but so was Portland. Last year, both players were hurt, but the team still found a way to win 50 games, only to get beat by the Jazz in a game 7 at home. For me, it sucks to be a Sonics fan right now, but at least I have hope for the future (regardless of where that future will be). With the Rockets, you have two amazing players who get your hopes up, but can't ever get you out of the first round of the playoffs.

posted by chamo at 11:05 AM on February 27, 2008

You can help ease New Orleans' pain

I agree - David Stern has proven he knows how to get the most out of opportunities like this one. But at least they did something, regardless of what the motives were.

posted by chamo at 11:25 AM on February 26, 2008

Yahoo! Head to Head Fantasy Baseball

I'm in - can't wait to start

posted by chamo at 02:06 PM on February 14, 2008